Where is Yuta during the events of Season 1 of Jujutsu Kaisen? Explained

While Jujitsu Kaiser 0 is a solid film and a great addition to the Canon of Jujitsu Kaiser in general, he also raises many questions. The key between them is quite simple, although their response has important implications for the rest of the series itself: Where is Yuma during Just Kaiser events season 1? , and why does it take so long to reappear in the series itself? Fortunately, we investigate a little and discover why this power that launches curses has not been in the equation.

Why is Yuma in Season 1 of Jujitsu Kaiser? Answered

The reason why Yuma Okhotsk does not appear in Season 1 of Jujitsu Kaiser is simple: he is currently training with Miguel de Jujitsu Kaiser 0.

This is hinted during the final scene of Jujitsu Kaiser 0, where Yuma meets Miguel in Africa after the events of the film.

Despite being part of different factions during the night of the 100 demons, they are in good terms and Miguel welcomes Yuma for what seems to be a prolonged stay. Then Satori Goo appears, hinting at the fact that he is the one who organized this series of events in exchange for leaving Miguel free of his actions.

It is a minor scene in the great scheme of the plot of Jujitsu Kaiser 0, but it is very important for the series in general. In the same way, it properly connects Jujitsu Kaiser 0 with the plot of Jujitsu Kaiser itself, making all the events of the film be canon for the largest series.


Does Yuma Okhotsk die in Jujitsu Kaiser 0?

This also clarifies whether Okhotsk Yuma dies or not in Jujitsu Kaiser 0.

While the manga leaves things a little more ambiguous with respect to Yuma’s final destination, and does not address it up to a few arches, the film acts as the canonical explanation of the current state and the whereabouts of Yuma.

As such, there is no need to worry about whether Yuma died outside the screen somewhere before or during Jujitsu Kaiser events season 1.

Every time Okhotsk Yuma is mentioned in season 1

In fact, Yuma is mentioned many times during the execution time of Season 1 of Jujitsu Kaiser.

In several points, the child prodigy of cursed techniques is mentioned by both his classmates and by those of the Kyoto branch of Jujitsu High. Most of them speak of his kindness and ability, with panda even referring to the relationship that he and Make developed before he had to go to his training.

This makes it clear that Yuma is currently out of the board, and that he will remain like this during the season. It is a bit annoying, but also a clear configuration for him to appear later in the series.

When does Okhotsk Yuma appear again in Jujitsu Kaiser?

Speaking of that: Okhotsk Yuma makes the reappearance of him later in Jujitsu Kaiser, but takes a little time.

After the events of the Shikoku arch, it is called Yuma as a failure proof measure against Tori Yuri given the growing influence of Sauna on him and Kenya’s culling game caught by catching him in a specific area. The high controls of the Organization of Sorcerers Jujitsu commission him to locate Yuri, kill him and return his fingers of Sauna.

However, once this task is assigned, Yuma quickly changes his coat and reveals that Satori Goo specifically ordered him to protect Yuri in case such an event occurred. He then joins Yuri and his friends to find a way to finish the sacrifice game, stop Sauna’s resurrection and save as many people as possible from a frightening death caused by the curse.

Hopefully this is clarified where Yuma is during the events of Jujitsu Kaiser Season 1 . To get more information about the series, see any of the articles related below. We also have many other explanatory guides linked to the series, including some about what Goo tells Get in Jujitsu Kaiser 0 and if Mario is still on the board in the largest series.

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