It is revealed exactly when E3 2023 will take place

After making known a series of changes in the organization of E3 , today it has been revealed exactly when the next edition of the annual event will take place . Along with this, the return of the annual celebration for the media and fans has been confirmed.

To begin, E3 2023 will take place from June 13 to 16 next year at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The event will be fully face-to-face, although information will also be shared through the official application of the celebration. Similarly, it has been confirmed that some days will be exclusive to the press, and in others the public can enter:

-13 and June 14 will be exclusive days for the press and business people.

-15 June both press and business people, as well as the public, can enjoy the event.

-16 of June will be a day focused for the public.

Along with this, half of the Los Angeles Convention Center will be dedicated to business. Here we find quieter and more comfortable cabins, with areas to interact with other people in the middle and rest. It is expected to reopen the Kenya hall, which will be used exclusively for business attendees . On the other hand, the second half of the location will present us to the E3 to which it is accustomed.

Similarly, it has been mentioned that will provide data, information, interviews and analysis directly to the media emails before, after and during the event. Finally, The last two days of the E3 will be more accessible to independent developers and publishers in the Concourse room . The Reed pop team is planning a series of attractions outside the Los Angeles Convention Center, in addition to numerous games presentations that fans can see in person or online during the last two days.

Remember, E3 2023 will take place from June 13 to 16. On related issues, you can learn more about this event here.

Editor’s note:

The idea of dividing E3 in days for the press and businesses, and attendees in general, is an idea that sounds quite well. However, what most attracts attention will be to see how new organizers handle this event.

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