Nexon Foundation, Jeonnam Office of Education & Elementary Computing Teachers Association

The Nixon Foundation (Chairman Kim Jungkook) is a Jeollanam-do Office of Education (Superintendent Kim Baeldung, Jenna Office of Education) and Elementary Computing Teachers Association (Association Chairman King Sung-hyun)


On the 26th, it announced on the 26th that it has signed a business agreement (High-5IVE Challenge) for the reinforcement project.

‘Hi-Five Challenge’ is an educational project that Nixon Foundation started with the Elementary Computing Teachers Association in 2020. ‘Noble Engineering (Novel Engineering) and Brick are combined with children’s’ creative, structural, cooperation It is a cooperative project that helps to grow into an expressive, imaginative ‘student’ student.

The Hi-Five Challenge, sponsored by the Nixon Foundation and developed by the Elementary Computing Teachers Association, was piloted by a total of 115 classes including special classes nationwide through online recruitment until last year. The Nixon Foundation and the Elementary Computing Teachers Association plans to expand the educational programs that combine engineering, literature, and brick play to cooperate with each local education office, starting with the agreement with the Jenna Office of Education.

The Nixon Foundation, the Jenna Office of Education, and the Elementary Computing Teachers’ Association will support the bricks, textbooks and teacher training necessary for education, focusing on elementary schools in Jeollanam-do by 2023 by 2023 by 2023, and more than 10,000 elementary school students It is regularly operated for (400 classes).

Kim Jungkook, chairman of the Nixon Foundation, said, Nixon Foundation’s continuous efforts to promote children’s creativity have led to their first cooperation with the local education office.

Meanwhile, the Nixon Foundation has been holding the ‘Nixon Youth Programming Challenge (NYC)’ since 2016 to enhance the interests and capacity of young people in coding. The company has developed a free coding learning platform ‘Libras Programming (Tentative)’ to resolve and expand the base of programming.

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