River City Girls the day before! SFCs masterpiece New and Heat Hurgi Heart Start of Delivery -You can enjoy the story without seriousness

The Ark System Works has distributed the transplanted version of the masterpiece action, New and Heat Hurgi-Heart UTA no Song-WITH RIVER GIRLS EXTRA-.

This work is a transplanted version of the action game New and Heat Hard Honing released in Super Nintendo in 1994. The story begins when Zuni Tori is entered into a juvenile institution for innocent sin. A serious and rich story is developed, which is different from the downtown series, where you can enjoy comical development with two heads.

Various situations that will not get tired of players, such as Zuni, wiki, Mistake, Kyoto, and more than 20 kinds of techniques that four characters will be played, as well as battles on a turning Ferris wheel and bike race from a pseudo 3D perspective. Is prepared. This work is the day before the Hot-blooded hard-to-rigid river city girls released in 2019, and the overseas title is named River City Girls Zero.

This additional element includes multilingual translation, save function, and 90s anime-style opening. In addition, you can enjoy a spin-off manga that collaborated with River City Girls with Japanese dubbed voice.

New and hot-blooded song-WITH RIVER CITY GIRLS EXTRA- is distributed for PC (Steam)/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S/Nintendo Switch.

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