Expected works that shine TGS, 10 winners of the Japanese Game Awards Future Division

CSA presented the winner of the Future Category of ‘Japanese Game Awards 2022’, which celebrated its 26th anniversary this year (18th). The Future Division is awarded to a work that has not yet been released among the titles exhibited at the Tokyo Game Show 2022, and a total of 10 awards were given to anticipated works with various genres.

In addition, the Future Division was revived in about three years with the issue of Corona 19, and was designated as a selection for online/offline participation if it began to participate in the game show. The awards ceremony was conducted online voting and judges, which were directly participated by the user, and 10 types of games were selected.

■ A space for the unbound

The first work of the Japanese Game Awards 2022 Future Category was the indie adventure game ‘A Space for the Unbound’ developed by Indonesian game developer Moniker and published by Tone Productions. It is an adventure game that tells the story of a boy and girl in a rural village in Indonesia in the 1990s. You can download the demo version through the Steam Store, and will also support Korean subtitles.

■ Varying: Fallen Dynasty

The second work was called Joe Techno’s new action RPG ‘Varying: Fallen Dynasty’. It is a difficult action game that deals with huge Coma and armed arms, with the ‘Three Kingdoms’ familiar to many. Recently, the trial version has been distributed with the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S console, and is being developed with the goal of launching in 2023.

Masada Fiumicino, director of Team Ninja, who announced his impressions, said, We are continuing to develop by focusing on the exciting action based on the Chinese worldview, along with the development of the Infant series. We are also preparing a variety of features that can be overcome. We are also preparing a lot of volume and enemies of the entire game.

■ Expo Primal

Next, Cap com’s new IP, Expo Primal, also won the Future Award. Expo Primal is an online-only team action game, and the player is dealt with a powerful Exocet that can play a variety of roles and then deals with dinosaurs invading in overwhelming quantities. It is the fun factor of the game to overcome the power of the enemy that constantly flock with EXIST.

■ Street Fighter 6

The Daemon fighting game ‘Street Fighter 6’, which introduced the main mode of the game through the TGS2022, was also expected by Japanese gamers.

‘Street Fighter 6’, the latest film of Cap com’s fighting game ‘Street Fighter’, creates its own avatar, ‘World Tour Mode’, which plays in the open world, and a traditional way of fighting by four new characters. He also introduced ‘Battle Hub’, a social space where you can enjoy other players with other players using your avatar.

Meanwhile, Street Fighter 6 plans to carry out CBT of ‘Battle Hub’ for four days from October 7 to 10.

■ Sonic Frontier

Sega’s mascot, the new work of Sonic, also succeeded in winning the Future Award. Sonic Frontier, which is scheduled to be released on November 8, plans to present a new style of action adventure that has not been seen before. Unlike the existing series, you can taste Sonic’s ultrasound action in the open field, and various contents such as battles, mysteries, and side quests in the world map are waiting for the player.

■ Final Fantasy 16

‘Final Fantasy 16’, the latest film of Square Enix’s representative RPG franchise ‘Final Fantasy’, was also selected as anticipation.

Yeshiva Naomi producer, who is in charge of the development of ‘Final Fantasy 16’ for the award, participated, and is developing with the goal of ‘Jet Coaster’ that can be enjoyed without stopping from the beginning to the end. In addition, it is one of the characteristics of the game to see the huge appearance of the summons who appeared from generation to generation, and Yeshiva Naomi PD added, You can see the same appearance as a big monster battle. The game is being developed with the goal of launching around next summer, and will release new information in October, the next month.

■ Poshokken

The action RPG ‘Norfolk’, which has been postponed several times to improve the quality of the game, was also expected to be expected. The title is developed by Luminous Productions under Square Enix, and the story begins with the ordinary girl ‘Frey’ who lived in New York to the fantasy world.

Frey can use a variety of magic using the power of the bracelet, and the parkour action is also noteworthy. In addition, as it is developed for the PS5 console, it is being developed with the goal of natural gameplay without loading screen. ‘Pothook’ will be officially released on the PC and PS5 platform on January 24, 23.

■ Atelier of Liza 3: ~ The key to the alchemist of the pole and the key of the secret ~

Riga’s Atelier 3, the latest film of the Atelier series and the main character of Riga, was also one of the winners of the Future. This work, which is scheduled to be released on February 22, 2023, features a Sorry Field that can explore a wide field without loading, and you can see a total of 11 party members, including those who met in the previous work.

■ Restoration like a dragon! Pole

The ninth winner is the new work, which is being developed in the studio like a dragon, ‘Austin like a dragon! The play was selected. It is the first era game, which is developed with the goal of launching a global release thanks to the support of fans such as the deterioration of fans such as overseas dragon, and the player becomes Nakamoto Roma and experiences Kyoto at the end of the shogunate.

In the award of this work, the representative of Yokohama Masayoshi of the studio was directly participated in the studio, and said, I want to showcase the works that were only released in Japan nine years ago to many gamers around the world. The game will be released on February 22, 2023.

■ Rock man EXE Advanced Collection

The last winner of the Japanese Game Awards 2022 Future category was to Cap com’s long-lived franchise ‘Rock man’.

The Rock man EXE Advanced Collection, which is scheduled to be released in 2023, is a combined version containing all 10 Rock man EXE series works released in 2001. It can check the high-definition filter mode and more than 1,000 illustrations that smoothly change the screen depiction. It features a gallery mode and an online communication mode that can be enjoyed with other players.

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