How to take a test of an energy extraction device in the Wissudha field in Genshin Impact

In the Visual field, located to the west of Banana, you will find a hermit camp with an energy extraction device that can be scattered using control keys. Check the image below to find the exact location of the test. Since the region is teeming with enemy hermits, do not forget to take a combat-ready team with you.

As soon as you get there, you will find a mechanism called the energy extraction device. You need to find three control keys to deactivate it.

How to look for a way to control an extractor in Genshin Impact

In this part, you need to find three missing control keys to disable the energy extraction device. You can get them in any order.

Location of the first control key

Slide to the device to extract the energy at the top of the building and jump into the hole next to it. You will enter a room with several hermits and the first control key. Go to the control key to get it.

location of the second control key

Go to the second level of the building through the entrance depicted above. Once inside, you will find a second control key near the boxes. Go to it to get an item.

location of the third control key

Enter the first level of the building through a small gap at the bottom of the stairs depicted above. You will immediately notice the third control key inside. Go to it to get an item.

How to guard an extractor until it turns off to Genshin Impact


Having received all three control keys, interact with a device for extracting energy at the top of the building in order to start a combat segment. A circular sensor will appear above it. Your goal is to stand next to the device until the scale is filled over it. If you are too far or there are interference with the enemy, the scale will cease to be filled, so be sure to defeat all enemies that appear and stand next to * to the device after that. As soon as the scale is fully filled, the energy extraction device will turn off by rewarding you with a reward. * Exquisite chest .

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