F1 22: Update 1.10 delivers the China/Shanghai International Circuit and various other pest solutions

As Electronic Arts as well as the responsible developers of Code masters announced, a new upgrade for F1 22 is now available on all systems for which the auto racing video game is available.

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the update 1.10 carefully.

F1 22 is readily available for the PC, PlayStation 4, the PlayStation 5, the Xbox One and also the Xbox Series X/S.

When attempts to overtake, * Boosted AI Race craft reasoning and modified hostility degrees
* Trouble was taken care of in which the AI drove excessively slowly as well as the route in Cooldown rounds blocked in qualifying
* An issue with irregular visual curve was chosen the computer for different frame rates
* Improved AI racing vehicle habits between curves 2 as well as 3 in the Netherlands/Tandoori
* Improved AI awareness as well as racing truck in between contour 9 and also the entry to the pit lane in Austria
* Formerly remedy inaccurate criminal logic when getting in the pit lane at France/Paul Richard
* Removal of trouble in which players in curve 7 of Abu Dhabi/Was Marina were able to receive false penalties
* In curve 3 in Azerbaijan/Baku, an incorrect bump in the surface area of the route squashed
When charging right into a cross-game social entrance hall, * A problem has been repaired in which in some cases the host migration can lead to shared entrance hall
* A problem was fixed in which placements in training as well as qualifying were inaccurately computed with greater than 3 decimal places
* Elimination of an issue in which enrollers were not displayed on the My Group cars and truck when highlights were watched in cinema mode
* Elimination of a problem in image setting, in which images can be pixelated when the shutter rate is readjusted
* A problem was repaired in which there was an opening at the base of the Halo column when it was switched over off on the Mercedes as well as the Gamer Automobile
* The cars and truck number from Max Verstappen in social play, LAN as well as featured event sessions was remedied
* Grand Prefixed trouble in which sprint races may not have actually been reported if authentic was selected in the weekend framework of the World Mug 2022
* Trouble was fixed in which the emphasis data were as well reduced for all vehicle drivers in my group
* An issue has been repaired in which the tachometer in Logitech wheel stands did not function
* Trouble was taken care of in which telemetry info for competing strategy and complimentary training sessions were missing
* Repaired a problem in which some present F1 22 driver numbers could be selected for usage with the driver developed
* A problem was fixed in which customized raster in social play did not alter the having fun positions of the players
* Trouble was repaired in which the game crashed in many cases for the player, who initially tried to pack into a created organization occasion
When HDR is triggered, * Dealt with the graphics problem in food selections
* UDP-Fixed an issue in which the climbing worth on hillsides did not work properly
* Modified records on the progression of the 2nd driver stats in My team
* UDP-Fixed trouble in which the average traction control was not invested in on the internet conferences
* General improvements

  • Various smaller sized improvements

Among the highlights of the recently released update 1.10 is the China/Shanghai International Circuit, which finds the method into play and can currently be used in time tests, in the profession or in the numerous multiplayer settings. In addition, the Ferrari Special Version paintings enter F1 22 for a minimal amount of time.


The update is rounded off to variation 1.10 by different bug solutions as well as improvements such as optimizations in the area of expert system. The equated changelog tells you what optimizations and also modifications are offered in information

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