With the locker of Splatoon 3, people cant help blur. A gimmick box that can be fashionable and comedy

The locker stamping of Platoon 3 seems to be a hot topic on SNS. On Twitter, it is in trends every day, and posts are being posted one after another. The new element locker is well-made as a gimmick, and seems to be usable for both fashionable and Girl.

Locker is a new element that appeared in Platoon 3. It is placed in the changing room in the lobby, and you will be able to reach the right side of the battle pod. By becoming a rank 4, it will be available as the Hakka shop is opened. The function is close to a real locker. A place where you can pick up various items. It sounds simple, but people seem to express a variety of ideas over this locker.

For example, N ink cutout created and showed off an alcoholic locker that is cursed if empty. The white box and a large amount of cans is piled. A blaster is fitted to the top of the top. The can expresses an alcoholic drink and expresses the theme of alcoholic poisoning lockers.

It seems that some people also have a large doll sitting around the moat statue, making it a little fashionable. As an orthodox both method, it is possible to direct the locker that fills the locker with a bomb and makes a locker. Alternatively, you can create an atmosphere with a toilet feeling by combining sprinklers and mole. In addition, a wide variety of expressions are possible, such as expressing the murderous intention of a specific BKI by spreading specific BKI.

The interesting thing is that the locker itself is not simply a storeroom that spreads things. Each item has a size, and it is a puzzle element that considers how to lay it. In addition, physical operations are introduced in this locker, for example, when you drop something from above, the item rolls down. In addition, there is a personality for each item, such as setting the support stand by yourself, and having to hook the clothes well with the hanger. Luggage management and physical operations happening, and free customizability, and when you open the lid, it is a fun and small gimmick box.

In the changing room, there are also lockers of friends and people who have fought, so you can relax and show lockers loosely. There are many opportunities for others, so elaborate will be a fun factor. Of course, many lockers are more fashionable, not comedy. It will wrap your tongue on each sense. The appeal of lockers is that you can both fashion and comedy. In addition, as the rank goes up, the locker will change, so it may be better for the locker mad to raise the rank.

Platoon 3 is on sale for Nintendo Switch. Note that the locker is open from rank 4.

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