Splatoon 3 – How to configure your locker

Platoon 3-the third and last part of the Platoon trilogy. With this in mind, in Platoon 3 there are many new functions, including new game modes, weapons, equipment and a completely new locker system. This allows you to decorate and configure your locker to demonstrate your individual approach. This can make you ask how to decorate your locker in Platoon 3.

where to find and edit your locker in Platoon 3


To configure and edit your locker, you must first find it in multi-user lobby . From the module that launches multi-user games, turn correctly and interact with closed doors . This will open the locker room and show you your locker.

K configure Your locker, interact with this. Here you can place weapons, equipment, bombs, stickers, accessories and many other amazing cosmetic objects. Decoration of the locker does not give any game advantages, but this is a great way to personalize Your experience Platoon. In addition, you can view the cabinets of other players, and they can see yours, so do not hesitate to draw inspiration.

where to get the cabinet settings in Platoon 3

To get more items to personalize your locker in Platoon 3, go to the page Atlantis and talk with harmony . This store sells all kinds of stickers, cosmetics and much more that you can use to decorate your cabinet. There is also a seasonal catalog, so do not forget to get everything that is possible before the end of the season.

To obtain additional information about Platoon 3, check out the sections where to find the Tablet Battle in Platoon 3 and how to edit your Tablet Battle deck in the game manuals for professionals.

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