Seoul Industry Promotion Agency, intellectual property training for SMEs and institutions

The Seoul Industrial Promotion Agency will provide free intellectual property training for smes/institutions in Seoul at the seoul intellectual property Center. It is a training for smes/institutions in Seoul, and provides specialized topics related to intellectual property and start-up.

Topics include the Intellectual Property Rights, Intellectual Prior Technology Survey, Idea using TRIP Techniques, and Overseas Applications (Patent, Trademarks, Design, Copyright, etc.) and start-ups (business planning, business model design, etc.) Choose from the dog topic and proceed. If there is no topic of the course of the above topic, you can check the training through consultation.

It will be held for institutions/companies that recruit more than 10 students, and if more than 10 individual applicants wish to take the same theme training. Organizations that have been confirmed to be taught must submit a copy of a business registration certificate/SME confirmation to confirm Seoul.


Education is supported until the budget is exhausted, and the application for education is prepared by preparing an online application form, and the education date and method can be selected as the desired method of online and offline on the date of desired date.

You can access the online leaflet through the QR code in the poster, and you can write and accept the application form from the application page introduced in the leaflet. The desired educational theme expert is matched by the SBA seoul intellectual property Center, and the training schedule can be adjusted according to the expert schedule.

For more information, please visit the official website of the seoul intellectual property Center.

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