Road of Heroes, the story of the story of the past story,

Clover Games announced on the 6th that it will unveil the 8-10 chapters of the ‘Book of Turbulence’ by the mobile game ‘Road of Heroes’.

The story of the turbulent book, which will be released this time, is the second part of the Mado War, which was released in March, and is set in the background of the heroes’ past stories. Since July 28, new story contents have been released every Thursday, and it has received a hot response from existing users. This time, a total of three chapters will be opened at the same time and users will provide stories of heroes in Delphoia.

In addition, Clover Games will hold a Chuseok Daesok-dong event for the national holiday Chuseok holiday. First of all, the Chuseok holiday starts from 9th to 12th, and offers a special coupon to celebrate 2022! Enter the coupon number to get various items to enjoy the Hangawi Event. Anyone can participate during the event.

In addition, you can meet various fantasy species, including Arari Fiyo, who visited Avalon in a hanbok in a 6-day fantasy of the 7th to 12th for more rich. During the Chuseok holiday, a special store to commemorate the allied members is operated. The special store operation period is from 7th to 14th, and there are compensation for futures boxes for all members ◈ Daedong-dong Memorial Doll Box/Glasses Box. For more events, please visit the road of Heroes Blog.

And during the Chuseok holiday, a special buff is applied for road of Heroes.

An official from Clover Games said, We have prepared a rich event for the nation’s festival Chuseok. I hope you have a good time with Road of Heroes during the holiday season, and I wish you all the bright happiness and peace like the full moon.

More information about this update can be found on the Road of Heroes Blog and YouTube.

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