After changing the flow of autonomy, the game grade classification has changed like this

Domestic game deliberation has firmly established the autonomous deliberation by non-institutions. App market operators such as Google and Apple, three console platforms such as Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, and Epic Games, who operate a PC game platform, are qualified as a ‘autonomous’ business from the Game Water Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as the game committee). He is in charge of the game deliberation.

As autonomous deliberation has become more common, the classification of the game commission directly has also changed a lot. On August 30, the press conference held at the Busan Government Complex was able to listen to the current status. Nine media from the Korean Game Journalists Club under the Korea Game Media Association attended the meeting.

First of all, the number of games that the game commission is currently deliberated is about 0.1%. According to the 2021 game classification and follow-up year, published in November last year, the number of domestic classifications in 2020 was 98,834, of which 99.8%were self-deliberation and 939. Compared to 4,869 deliberations in 2010, just before Google and Apple’s autonomous deliberation began, the figures decreased by 80.7%.


Song Seok-hyung, head of the game level service team, said, We are directly reviewing 900 ~ 1,000 cases per year. We also look at the classification in the US and Europe. If there is any suspicion, please contact the company directly or play it.

In addition, except for the arcade, the direction of the decision to be deliberated only by the ‘youth use’ game was also compressed into ‘domestic launch’ and ‘cannot be released in Korea’. If you receive a rating for youth, you can launch it in Korea. In the past, ‘What age rating is appropriate’ was an issue.

Therefore, in the past, the game had to cover the entire use price, 12-year-old usage, 15-year-old usage, and youth. Even when the game was conducted on the game, the journalists decided that they could not be used for youth, but the age rating of the game commission was a 15-year-old user. However, it is very rare for the age to be divided between the game and the company, except for meandering.

If so, what’s the case when the game is not a game. Song Seok-hyung, the head of the team, said, The game, which was judged as a youth use by private institutions and autonomous businesses, is handed over to the game. In principle, it is correct to send it to private institutions, but it is handled by the game for the convenience of the company.

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