GTA Online: How to get 500,000 dollars for free with arms trafficking

Having money in GTA online can open many doors in the streets of Los Santos, which also comes very well to buy vehicles, clothing, weapons or anything that happens to you. The good news is that during these days you canGet free 500,000 dollars *, so you just have to keep reading this guide to find out how.

How to get free $ 500,000 with arms trafficking

As Rockstar has indicated, The illegal sale of weapons is in its best time, so you must take the opportunity to take a slice of this matter. Those who dedicate themselves to traffic with them will get 50% more research speed and will also earn twice dollars, reputation points and research progress for completing research missions.

But let’s go to the important thing, which is to get 500,000 dollars for free. To do this you mustComplete a sales mission *, which will deliver $ 250,000, while to receive the same double award you will need to hold three missions of this type.

The deadline will end on September 7 , so you still have a few days ahead to carry out this task. Of course, the money will not be received instantly, since it will be delivered within 72 hours after successfully completing the mentioned missions, so that you have a few days to plan well what to do with such a money.

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