[Journalist Handbook] Truck Protest and Coffee Truck

[industry earlier Moon Young-soo] ‘Fate Grand Order’, which Netmarble serves, is a monumental game that triggered the first truck demonstration in the game industry earlier last year. Domestic gamers, who had been horned by Japan’s discrimination and other discrimination, came to send a truck to shake off a dime.

The skills that gamers who only complained in the bulletin board had a complaint were great. There was no big staff if a truck with a large billboard containing a rough protest could ignore the sight of walking around the middle of the street. In the end, Netmarble surrendered and promised to improve the service.

After a year and six months, Fate Grand Order received a coffee truck from users. It was freshly shocked to see users who had raised money to send a coffee truck that was hard to get without a lot of ‘Godgem’. Depending on what kind of operation it carries out, public opinion is reversed.

There are a lot of game operation issues. The news that gamers who are dissatisfied with the game have dispatched the truck, even if it is not as much as 2021, when the truck protests were hot. In recent years, wagon demonstrations have appeared, not trucks, and have been intensively illuminated. This may be later that the tank will be dispatched.

Silent gamers have changed. They no longer stop complaining about the bulletin board. I go directly to action. I don’t mind choosing to open my wallet in the game. Like this, gamers have changed, but the game company’s operations should not remain. The farmer does not blame the field. The game company should not blame users.

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