The best benefits and tips for Finn in Multiversus

Finn basically plays in the style of support. It is most famous in that it sets traps or increases the strength of your team. He is a team guy who will support you in all aspects.

The next guide will help you choose the best Finn perks in Multiversus.

Best Finn Bonuses in Multiversus

Corporate bonus: Exiting from business
The corporate bonus Finn gives you a discount of 200 gold at everything that is in his store. The discount is valid for only 10 seconds every time his ally is knocked out, but it becomes constant when Finn reaches 100 units of damage.

At first glance, this bonus may seem unimportant, but when you are pressed with your back against the wall, not be mistaken: a special discount will come in handy for buying items for survival.

perk slot 1: Wild cats-string
This bonus helps to strengthen the attacks of your entire team in close combat by 5%. Please note that this perk works only for hand-to-hand attacks made on Earth, and not in the air.

Therefore, make sure that you have chosen the right ally to the side of the Finn to maximize his privileges. In addition, the charged Finn attacks are possible only on Earth, which makes this perk even more useful.

perk slot 2: speed help
This is a useful perk that increases the speed of the Finn and its ally by 4%. This is an important advantage, because Finn needs all possible mobility to remain out of reach during the attack.

perk slot 3: painted target

This is another auxiliary bonus. This allows your team to apply 5% more damage to the drawn enemy, but only when it is in a state of stunning from the blow. The state guarantees that enemies will not be able to evade your attacks.

Finn Tips

  • One of Finn’s main auxiliary abilities is to reflect shells. Be sure to use these skills to take enemies by surprise.
  • You can use the chopping BMO, which can cause health players even less than 75%, so do not miss this magnificent opportunity.
  • Use the special attacks of Finns and air attacks as the main attacks. This can have a greater impact on your enemies if you have more coins, and both of these tricks are a knockout, so use them.

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