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In this Guide to the death knight in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lichking Classic

  • What skills the death knights dominated
  • With which specialization you level the fastest
  • As you are concerned with the fights during levels

There is a lot more to do during the preparation patch. You can find out what activities these are in our 7 things that you can do during Wotlk Classic’s pre-patch.

the first hero class: the death knight

The death knight (also called Deathknight or DK) is a dark knight that can use both blood magic and the icy winds of Northern End and disgusting diseases against its enemies. It is equipped with thick panel armor and either a large two-handed weapon or two units. He also starts at level 55, ** which gives him an advantage over other classes.

The starting area of the death knights fits perfectly with the dark background of the class: You wage war against the fanatical scarlet crusade as heralds of the Lichkönig. In the starting area you will receive the skills of the undead fighter and a strong equipment set with which you plow through the first level. As soon as you have crossed the starting area, you will be released into the big world of World of Warcraft. With level 58 you set off into the shards of shards.

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runes and rune power-that’s how the death knight works

Your DK relies on a different resource system than the rest of the classes. He uses runes for his attacks **. They are divided into two blood, frost and unholy runes. In addition, he receives a second resource: rune power.

His skills cost either runes or runes. If you use an attack that costs runes, some runes will be generated **. You then spend this for skills that cost rune. This creates an interplay between skills that generate rune power and skills that consume your rune power.

You also use one of three different presences . These work similarly to the aurates of the paladin:

Blood presence *: increased damage and more self-healing
Frost presence : More endurance and armor
Unholy presence : increased movement speed and faster coales of the runes

What specialization do I use for leveling?

First of all: all specializations of the death knight are suitable for leveling. However, if you value speed, ** I recommend that you specialize the unholy.

If you use the blood specialization, you will be a little slower. For this you insert significantly less damage through the talents in the blood tree and heal yourself by almost ridiculously large amounts. So you will do quests solo, which are actually intended for several players . Blood is an optimal second specialization-so grab the dual talent specialization as early as possible.

Frost is a damage specialization of the death knight, which specializes in direct damage from the skills wipe out and howling gust. You can also play frost through the talent Thassarian’s threat with two one-handed weapons . As a result, the death knight has increased damage per second, but the burial damage is reduced. This is very good in the endgame, but during leveling it is unholy ahead.

Which equipment should I use?

The death knight can put on plate armor -and you should also use it, because it grants you a lot of armor. This helps you to survive the clamps of the opponents and give you additional attack power through the talent blade-reinforced armor. You only use chain or leather armor if you grant a clear bonus on your attributes.

Main and secondary attributes of the death knight

Your main attribute is strength . This grants you attack power that lets you strike with your melee attacks. In addition, diseases and magic scales with attack power. Make sure that there is strength on each of your equipment.

Let’s get to the secondary values: During the level phase and in the endgame, Temp is the most important value, Because you strike faster and your runes are available faster again. As soon as you move towards the end game, you should also collect the value chance of your equipment. This means that your attacks are less common. Your stata priority during leveling looks as follows:

Strength > Tempo > hit chance (to 289)> armor penetration > Krit

the talent tree of the undamaged death knight

So that you level as efficiently as possible, distribute your points in the talent tree as stated on the screenshot. This distribution optimizes your death knight on AoE damage . However, you are flexible here. For example, I would like to take the talent Deporture with me and save myself points in blood-crusted blade. As a result, the opponents don’t just run away from me.


The key talents for leveling

Talent Effect

Corer explosion | Leaves a body explode and causes a lot of damage. Costs rune power.
Death Reit ‘| Increases your riding speed by 10/20 percent and reduces anesthetic and fear effects by 10/20 percent.
Master of the Ghule | Your ghul stays permanently on your side (it almost becomes a companion).
Charity fever/black epidemic bearer | You get a third illness, the crypt fever that turns into a black plague with the epidemic talent. This increases the damage caused by your diseases and the magic chapes that the goal takes.
Hiking plague | Diseases have a chance to cause aoe damage per tick. The chance corresponds to your critical hit chance.
Bone shield | Reduce your damage suffered by 20 percent as long as the sign is active.

How do I play the Unheilig death knight?

The way of playing the undamaged death knight revolves around as many opponents as possible and to destroy with the high Aoe damage . This acts primarily through your increased diseases and the skills corpse explosion as well as death and decay. In between you heal with the help of the death blow ability. This is how your rotation looks in detail:

  1. Pay attention to your pull, that bone shield is active . For more self-healing and more damage, you play in blood presence.
  2. First attract several opponents with your mount -this gives you less damage and can pull enemies together in a larger area.
  3. Act your diseases with icy touch and epidemic shock on an opponent. Using the ability pestilence the diseases on the enemy.
  4. acts death and decay on the ground under the opponents . Alternatively, you can create a macro that death and decay takes off directly below you (the macro can be found below in the article).
  5. Use death blow to heal you and as soon as the first opponent falls over corpse explosion to cause damage. Here you have to weigh whether you have enough life points to hold out until the next death blow. If your life points fall rapidly, it is better to play it safe and use death blow instead of corpse explosion.
  6. Make Gargoyle summon if you have to get into trouble or have to put it out of a strong opponent.

If you have internalized your rotation, you can ** to blame boiling blood between step 2 and 3 and convert it into a death rune with blood change. You then use it for other skills. So you skip the coal of a rune and cause maximum damage.

Macro for death and decay

Enter this text in the macro menu (main menu> macros) and put it instead of death and decay in your action bar :


/cast [@player] death and decay

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