Fate/Grand Order, Skill Speed Speech has been reduced

On the 26th, Netmarble launched a convenience improvement update on the mobile RPG ‘Fate/Grand Order’.

First, we added a growth system using the new item ‘Servant Coin’. The coin allows you to open the upper limit of the servant level that has grown to level 100 to level 120, and open the new skill ‘Affend Skill’.

In addition, the new difficulty level is added to the day quest that can be acquired by the growth material, and the ability to omit the skill of the skills and skills, and the ability to omit the skill when touching the screen during the battle. Applied. In addition, the support servant organization compartment has been expanded from 2 to 6 spaces.

Netmarble will hold the 14th Campaign of the ‘Escape Story’ campaign where you can enjoy individual servants from August 25 to September 1. He added six new stories and reduced the AP (behavior) needed for all story play. It also summons a pick-up that can acquire the servant ‘5-star Steendo (Assassin)’ in a new story.

Meanwhile, on the 24th, Netmarble made the 9th official broadcast of Fate/Grand Order on YouTube. The details of the convenience update were announced, and the special guest ‘Hetty’ appeared to present 12 Seongjeongseok to all users.


For more information, please visit the official Fate/Grand Order Cafe.

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