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Le Cardolan…

The gamers of Estel will certainly keep in mind the brotherhood The heirs of the cardolan, yet it went to the start of the 3rd age a flourishing kingdom-Issu of the split of the kingdom of anor-which valiantly pressed the assaults of the sorcier king ‘Angmar. At the elevation of a weapon, the militaries of the Cardolan Allied to their next-door neighbor of Arthedain made it possible to sanctuary the palantír of the Tower of Amon Sûl ( le Mont Venteux ) to position it in Fornost.

The Prix is not recognized for the time being, it will certainly be remembered that the last mini-extension was the War of the 3 Tops as well as that it had actually been spent for all the VIP players included. The studio likewise revealing a special premium (without ending the shapes) for VIPs, possibly they will certainly be supplied a reduction. All the same, it should be readily available in the store in play versus factors SDAO a couple of months after its release.

A brand-new impressive arc…

These new areas will certainly likewise make it possible to ultimately load the space between the country of Bree and also the Enedwaith.

The kingdom of Cardolan did not rise from the death of his Lord Ostoher, during the Fight of Hauts-des-Galgals, a place where one can constantly find Cardolan Babioles.

For those who would certainly such as to sign up with the journey the free-to-play model of Lord of the on-line rings was expanded to level 95 (to learn more).

The pre-orders will open at the end of September without the last release date being announced-October seems likely.

Standing Stone Games introduces the release of its following mini-extension before the darkness, it will certainly be composed of 2 brand-new areas the cardolan as well as the nouchnes of the swans (Nîn-in-Eilph in good Elven).

This palantír after a couple of adventures now resides King Arvédui, whose ship you may have met at the bottom of the Forocl bay (but this is another tale).

It will be easily accessible for degree 1 gamers to degree 32 (we are on the brink of a new beginning area) as well as will certainly also offer a new skirmish and also a six-playing body (which can be played at the optimum degree).

Quit to the dwarves, we have shut their stories with the resumption of the Mommy Hill Gundabad and as an interlude, we will certainly meet in 3018 of the 3rd age to attend the flow of Boromir in this area to sign up with the council of ‘Elrond, as well as in the search for the Nazgûl to discover a particular sacquet.


Wishing, however, to return to the present legendary history, we have always currently participated in the wedding celebration of Arwen and Aragorn and Théoden-Roi is still waiting for a suitable funeral, maybe we will see this in 2023?

A new system enabling to regulate the trouble of the objectives will additionally be available should be later put on bodies with 6 gamers and also brand-new skirmishes.

and also a video clip


The Lord of the Rings Online provides before the shadow his next mini-extension

The Prix is not recognized for the time being, it will certainly be recalled that the last mini-extension was the War of the Three Summits and also that it had been paid for all the VIP gamers consisted of. The studio additionally introducing an unique premium (without finishing the shapes) for VIPs, perhaps they will be provided a reduction. In any kind of instance, it needs to be available in the shop in play versus factors SDAO a few months after its release.

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