EV charging facilities must be improved to improve the basic rate system

The economic community announced tasks that require rapid regulatory innovation in each field, such as improving the basic rate system of electric vehicle charging facilities and improving the internal transaction regulation of the Fair Trade Act.

The Korea Management Association (Chairman Son Kyung-sik, Lee Kyung-sik) said that it was an obstacle to management activities and discovered sandbags in the field that needed rapid solutions and suggested 120 regulatory innovation tasks under the Enforcement Decree.

The fields that suggested regulatory innovation are six areas: ▲ new industry, labor market, environmental and safety and health, construction and location, corporate governance and management, and field disorders.

According to the main tasks, the most common environmental, safety and health sectors were 43 cases. Next, there are 43 environmental and safety and health, 28 construction and location, 22 cases of on-site, 11 labor markets, 8 business governance and management, and 8 new industries.


In particular, in the new industry, we requested the integration of the electric vehicle charger certification system, the improvement of the basic rate system of electric vehicle charging facilities, and the rationalization of tax burden on the transition to electric vehicle charging stations. The Gyeong-gun demanded an improvement that the basic rate of electricity is imposed on the current electric vehicle charger, and it is difficult for the charging company to make a profit due to the high proportion of the basic fee.

Reflecting the growth of corporate governance and management and related economy, it is to increase the total asset standards of corporate governance regulations that have been maintained for the same for over 20 years, and improve the guidelines for driving private interests, which are excessive regulations than the laws and regulations. Emphasis was emphasized.

Kim Jae-hyun, head of the Regulatory Reform Team, said, The regulatory reform must be continuously and consistently promoted, so we hope that the company will be able to provide a one-stop service that can be felt by the organic connection between the general control tower and the departments. We hope to improve the tasks of the labor market sector, such as expanding and dispatched work, are closely related to job creation, so we hope to improve the enforcement decree tasks that can be quickly processed.

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