Catalian la launch! Started distribution of Tower Defense STG Slaycation PARADISE in the end of the world

MERGE GAMES has released today on August 19, the tower defense-type shooting developed by AFFORDABLE ACQUISITION.

This work is a shooting that develops in the setting of the SlayCertion Paradise activity that exists in space, and is deployed under the setting that you can experience the end-of-world for users who are looking for stimuli. In this program, there are many threats, including zombies, huge animals and monsters.


In response to these threats, players survive using shotguns, flame radiovises, cat launchers and magic. By using a turret called C.A.T. Kit, it is possible to build a defense base using walls and fences.

In addition, by acquiring SLAYCATION Club Rewards in the tour program, new destinations, weapons, upgrade benefits, etc. are available.

SLAYCATION PARADISE is distributed for PC (Steam, Epic Games Store)/Nintendo Switch/Overseas PS4/PS5. This work also supports Japanese.

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