Marvel and Disney will have a transmission focused on video games

Since Disney Interactive closed its doors a few years ago, the mouse company has commissioned third companies to carry out the different adaptations of its franchises. However, it seems that they want to have a triumphant return to the industry, which is why they announced with hype and saucer the Disney & Marvel Games Showcase .

This will be a special transmission that will be held neither more nor less than in D23 , an event in which Disney makes known the novelties in terms of films and series. The best thing is to be covered from the D e Disney, Marvel, 20th Century, Lucasfilm Games and more. So it is possible to have an advance of the title of Indiana Jones .


The broadcast will be held next Friday September 9 at the point of 1: 00 p.m. Pácifico schedule . But for those who are in the center of Mexico they can consult the stream at 3:00 p.m. . It is worth mentioning that the next day to this presentation there will be news regarding future productions of UCM and the universe of Star Wars .

With the confirmation of this video game space, some fans can begin to speculate with what we are going to see, that includes Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Kingdom Hearts IV, Lego Star Wars, Marvel Midnight Suns , between other great productions. Particularly we seek to know more about a delivery of Avengers more promising.

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