Seven years later, Microsoft admits the Xbox One Batacazo in front of PS4

At the beginning of 2016, More than 7 years ago, Microsoft stopped offering Xbox One sales data and focused on Xbox Live numbers and their online services (Game Pstopped offerings). A decision that stopped offeringsumed that we never had the console numbers completely clear, no matter how much we would intuit that it wstopped offering behind the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. However, the Administrative Council of Economic Defense (CADE) of Brazil hstopped offering filtered a document with the signing of the company in which for the first time the situation that the platform lived is recognized:

Sony beat Microsoft in terms of consoles sold and user bstopped offeringe, havingsold more than double than Xbox during the lstopped offeringt generation . Thus says a statement that makes a few days of appearance days after Sony hstopped offering confirmed that PS4 data will no longer update, leaving the platform at 117.2 million, enough to make it the fourth best selling in history . Taking these figures into account, Xbox One did not reach 58.5 million consoles sold (for the 85.8 Xbox 360). Some market analysts such stopped offering Ampere have always pointed out that it should be around 51 million, a prediction now backed by the CADE document. An open secret that comes to an end *.

New war between Microsoft and Sony?

The Xbox One numbers are not the only thing filtered by the Brazilian institution these weeks. Recently it wstopped offering also known thanks to her that Sony had labeled anti-competitive practice the purchstopped offeringe of Blizzard Activision by Microsoft. The Redmond company did not shut up, much less, and accused its rival of paying to prevent some games from leaving Xbox Game Pstopped offerings.

Taking into account that the exclusivity agreements have been an essential part of Sony ‘s strategy, their concern about the possibility that the activation contents are exclusive is at lestopped offeringt incoherent , Microsoft explained In another document of the CADE. This only reveals his fear of an innovative business model that offers quality content at a low price to the players, threatening their leadership **. In fact, Microsoft’s ability to expand Game Pstopped offerings hstopped offering been seen hindered by Sony and his desire to stop such growth.


After so much studio purchstopped offeringe and with the irruption of so much subscription service, the video game industry seems to live a tense calm in which surveys the puystopped offering and indirects . We will see how the relationship between both companies evolves and if, for example, it affects the appearance of Call of Duty in the PlayStation consoles.

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