APEX Legends loading screen hung – how to fix it

APEX Legends players are faced with a serious problem, because of which they cannot enter the game. Players are faced with an endless failure screen, which shows only the circulation option, and the ability to enter the game or change the server does not appear. This problem affects players from different platforms, and there are several ways to solve it. Here are all that players can do to correct the loading of the download screen in the APEX Legends.

solutions for APEX Legends, which are not loaded

There are several methods that players can use, but there is nothing more radical than the complete deletion and reinstalling the game. Removing and re-installation should be the last tool if any of the following methods does not work.

Reload the computer and the Internet

Start by visit Task Dispatcher
Choose steam as well as source and complete the task for both
* Check the residual background processes for Steam and Origin, as well as close them.
Turn off your wi-fi or remove * Ethernet plug manually

* Turn off the computer and run it manually without the Internet.
* After turning on the PC, start by adding WiFi or connecting the Ethernet cable.
* Launch Steam and Origin and click Apex Legends.
* If the problem is not eliminated, you need to check the integrity of the game files.

/ check the game files

  • Open Steam and select APEX Legends.
    Click the game with the right mouse button, scroll down to characteristics, and select local files
    Select Check the integrity of the game files
  • This process takes some time, and we recommend not to interrupt it halfway.
  • If checking the integrity of the game files does not pass, then it is better to delete and reinstall
  • Reload the computer after the check is completed.
  • Visit Steam and click on APEX Legends to make sure everything works smoothly.

Clean DNS cache

Run the function Perform by holding windows + p together
Entrance ‘ command ‘ and run command line as an administrator
* After entering the command line, carefully enter the following
Type ipconfig/Flushdns and press input
Type ipconfig/registerdns and press input
Type ipconfig/release and press input
Type ipconfig/update and press input
After the four of the above steps will be completed, enter Netsh reset of Vincer * and press the input

The aforementioned methods have created miracles for us, and I hope they will help players overcome the freezing screen of an endless load in APEX Legends. If the problem is not eliminated, we recommend that you file a complaint about Help.ea.com. Be sure to indicate all the problems that you are faced with, as well as the solutions implemented to eliminate them. You can also follow the official Apex Legends. Twitter to keep abreast of intra-game problems.

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