Stranger Things 5 will not have new characters

_ Stranger Things It is a series that is not afraid of introducing new characters every season, which have the potential to steal the heart of all fans. However, despite the popularity that Eddie and Barbara had, the creators of the series have pointed out that for the fifth and final season, the approach will be completely in the characters we have seen from the beginning.

In a talk with Indiewire, Matt and Ross Duffer, creators of stranger Things, have pointed out that They have no plan to introduce new main characters in the last season of the series . Instead, your approach will be to give a good closure to the protagonists we have seen from the beginning. This was what Ross commented about:

Every time we present a new character, we want to make sure it is an integral part of the narrative. So that is something with Eddie this season, where we say: ‘Well, we need a character here so that this story really works and to give it the engine that is needed’. But every time we do that, we are nervous, because you say, ‘we have a great cast of characters here, and actors, and every moment we spend with a new character, we are taking time from one of the other actors’. So we are very, very careful about who we present. And then, specifically in the casting process, it took a long time to find Joe Quinn, and you pass through many editions, because you know that we cannot add someone who will simply take value to our characters if it is not great.

For his part, Matt added:

And the same happened with Sadie and Maya. And it is not that the actors don’t know it either. Everyone knows that they are entering a cast that people love, and you are introducing a new element. And you’ve seen it in programs that go wrong, so everyone is nervous, but as Ross said, with those three in particular, and Dacre [Mongomery] also, who played Billy, was like, because these actors are incredible, it is very funny. I simply like to shake it, so we shake it by changing the plot or adding a new monster. We are doing everything possible to resist [adding new characters] for season 5. We are trying not to do that to focus on the original characters, I suppose.

Considering that we are talking about the end of the series, there is not much time for the public to create an emotional link strong enough with a new character. In this way, The right path is to give Steve, Mike, Eleven and company the space they deserve.

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