Escape and leave the town escape ADV AZNANA Started distribution for free for smartphones. The story of a boy with only a face and a boy who cannot speak with a face -only girl

CARAMEL COLUMN in Japan has launched AZNANA on August 12. The compatible platform is iOS/Android, and the basic play fee is free. In the game, advertisements are displayed, functions that efficiently promote gameplay and advertisements are sold for a fee (370 yen each).

AZNANA is an abandoned adventure game in which a boy who cannot speak and a girl with only a face aim to escape from the town. The stage of this work is a mysterious town where the residents of the deformed heads live, surrounded by high walls. The protagonist is a boy who lives in such a town and can’t speak al1. There was no place for a boy in a mysterious town, and he was always spending time on the garbage. But the boy didn’t feel lonely. He had nothing to the boy, and he never felt it was fun. One day, the boy meets a girl with only face. She had lost her memory, but she was taught by a young man with a gesture of her town, and she suggested to a boy to go outside the town. A boy who has no place and a girl without a body struggle to go out of the town in search of missing things.

The mysterious town is surrounded by high walls. There is a gate on the west side of the town, but the gate is unlikely to open, and boys and girls are unknown how to leave the town. At the beginning of the game, you will make money to hear information from a resident. The two sell what they have purchased from the residents of the town to another resident to earn the necessary funds. There are several shops in the town. What you purchased from a store will be purchased by another store clerk, so you will increase your funds depending on the difference.

Another, the two make money by picking up empty cans. Boys and girls move in the town by bicycle. It takes more than a few tens of minutes in reality to move, but an empty can appears on the screen during the waiting time. When the player taps and picks up an empty can, you get a little money every time you pick up an empty can. By buying and selling at the store and picking up empty cans, you earn money to escape from the town.

While the boy and the girl are moving, the time has passed even if the app is dropped, but if you look at the video ad, you can move instantly. Also, if you pick up empty cans, you can rarely get a fever and get a lot of money. In addition, when you visit the store, conversations with the clerk seem to depict the circumstances of the residents of the town. In this work, the lyrics/composition/singing of the in-game songs are handled by singer-songwriter Kanon Shima, and the arrangement is Naotyu- Naoki Naoki.

The development of this work is the domestic game development company caramel column. As a past work, he has released his tap game Alter EGO and the spin-off app Mushikago Alternative March of Trikago Scrap March. In Alter EGO, the story of facing a mysterious girl S and searching for himself was well received, and as of September 2021, it exceeded 3 million downloads worldwide. The spin-off app Alter EGO COMPLEX has been released, and Alter ego S is under construction for Nintendo Switch. According to an article in Pixivfanbox in Calamel Colam, the AZNANA is planned to improve detailed improvement and paid additional scenarios in the future.

AZNANA is being distributed for free for iOS/Android for free. During play, advertisements are displayed at the bottom of the screen. As a billing factor, there are functions that increase the acquisition amount by picking up empty cans, functions to increase bicycle movement, and advertising deletion functions.

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