Where to find broccoli in Tower of Fantasy

In Tower of Fantasy you can collect many resources. Many of them can be spent on the purchase of objects, equipment and much more. But some have other applications, for example, cooking. This includes broccoli, a hearty component of the recipe. This may make you think where to find broccoli in Tower of Fantasy.

All broccoli locations in Tower of Fantasy

You can find broccoli in Tower of Fantasy in the following places.


how to get broccoli at Tower of Fantasy

To choose and get broccoli in Tower of Fantasy, just go and use your interaction button . This will automatically raise it and add to your inventory. You do not need to attack him like you and dandelions.

What to do with broccoli in Tower of Fantasy

Broccoli is used for culinary recipes in a fantasy tower. This is a fairly common food product, so it is very convenient to keep it at hand. It is found only in Astra , so collect as much as you want before leaving this area. You can cook various broccoli dishes, so follow this amazing treat.

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