[Planning] Digging PC specifications suitable for Monheon Rise Sunbreak

It is now a common thing to re-release the console game as a PC. I have no choice but to accept it positively for me who is used to playing games on a PC. In a similar context, more games are released as a multi-platform, and it’s a good change for gamers.

From this point of view, Capcom’s masterpiece, the Monster Hunter series (Monheon), seems to accept the change as a whole. In 2018, the response was hot until the expansion of the Monheon: World Loe PC version, but Monheon: World’s expansion, which was introduced in 2019, and Monhun Rise, which was released in 2021, was released in the PC version. Compared to the console, I was late for it. However, Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Brake (Monheon Sunb), which was introduced in June this year, was different.

In Monheon Sunb, many elements that were unfortunate in the Rise have improved, and the ‘fun of hunting’, a key theme that penetrates the Monheon series, has been strengthened. First of all, the addition of weapons balance adjustments, the addition of new technologies for each weapon, and the ‘rapid replacement’ that can change the technology in combat made it possible to extract enough efficiency no matter what weapons you use, and naturally raised the fun of battle.

In addition, the emergence of new monsters with new patterns, reunion monsters that cause past nostalgia, stories with improved annual output, blind system fighting with NPCs, and companions who help to battle more efficiently than before Is a horsepower that makes me shout It’s time for hunting!

In addition, Monheon Sunb is the first expansion of Monheon Rise, which was first released as a multi-platform in the history of the series. Thanks to this, without the console device, the largest barrier of entry of console games, it was possible to enjoy the so-called open run (starting immediately after the opening) immediately after its launch, and many gamers are still playing the game.

The way you enjoy the game and the interesting elements are the difference between the sky and the earth, but in the case of me, you are deceived by the magnificent graphics and the wonderful battles that are wonderful, whether the monster is wonderful. Seeing a fellow reporter who is hunting for Kung Kung Monster next to him, Wow, I want to do Monheon again, I think this article is not a joke if this is a 4K ultra-wide monitor, but this computer loan is not possible. I prepared.

In addition, information on the first title update will be released on August 9. In the notice video, it suggested the war of other additional monsters and other additional monsters. In addition, the soft system and convenience improvement of the ghost system to strengthen the equipment using new materials will be made.

What is new content and monsters? Title Update 1st Preview Shortcut Go

Let’s look at the official specifications!

Looking at the official specifications of Monheon Sunb, the requirements of the requirements seemed to be somewhat good compared to the colorful and magnificent graphics. Recently, large games have been recommended for the latest i5 or previous generation’s i7 CPUs and RTX 2060 graphics card conditions. In the case of Monheon Sunb, even if you go to the best specifications, if you don’t have much greed in the frame, the latest i5 seems to be well optimized.

The requirements are low, and the built-in graphic specifications are longer than the minimum specification, so if you want to play the game normally, you need a graphics card. The GT 1030 graphics card required by the minimum specification may not be a big deal, but it is more than 15-25% higher than the latest built-in graphics.

However, the current graphics card market is dazzling, so the price is so high that the price is falling. It’s true that the price has fallen to some extent, but the recent surviving the recent GTX 1630 of the recent release of the recently released low-end graphics cards that have been used for mining. Because.

In addition, as the graphics card market gradually thawed, people who had been holding on to buy PCs began to buy PCs one by 1. As a result, parts prices have risen overall, and the same is true for low-end CPUs. If you have a PC to use right now, there may be a way to wait for the latest product, but if not, you should consider purchasing, but the previous generation’s products may be a decent choice. If you are not interested in the latest products and want to play a game with a suitable game right now, the i3-10100F of Intel is also enough. This product is the only product that is the only i3 CPU, and it is a loss of money in terms of cost-effectiveness for the previous generation. (Based on 22.08.04)

However, all requirements of the official site are stated that all of them are based on 30fps, except for the best specification (4K). As a personal basis, 60fps should be felt comfortable, so the recommendations below were mentioned based on 60fps.

What if my specifications are chin? Compromise option setting

If you want to enjoy Monheon Sunb, but the specifications of my PC are breathtakingly, I have no choice but to compromise in the graphics options. However, lowering all of the graphics options will be a great help for optimization, but the satisfaction of gameplay will be lower. Therefore, we introduce some option settings that will help you optimize without having a big impact on gameplay.

※ The option setting described below can be changed in ‘Option-> Display-> Graphic Details’

1) Reduction of processing through the transition of model display: On

The ability to switch far objects into a non-displayed state. It is recommended to set it to ON because it is a setting that affects graphic memory and processing load. It can only be set on the title screen.

2) Ambient Oklujeon: Off

The ability to increase the quality of shadow depiction. Compared to shadow quality options, the change in shadow is great. You can set it to ON according to your taste, but if you want to lower the processing load, it’s a good idea to set it off.

3) Shadow quality: middle and lower

The ability to control the quality of shadow description. In the case of high schools, there is no big difference in the body, but it has a big impact on graphic memory and processing load, so it is highly recommended to set up less than medium.

4) Variable rate shading (VRS): On

The ability to optimize by lowering the graphic performance of the invisible part of the monitor. There is no change in the actual parts, but it is recommended to set it as ON because it helps graphics optimization.


5) Motion Blur: Off

The ability to adjust the presence or absence of afterimage effect. You can set it as a standard according to your taste, but if you want to lower the processing load a little, it’s a good idea to set it off.

6) Pisumption (DOF): Off

The ability to change the focus by changing the focus according to the camera distance. You can set it to ON according to your taste, but if you want to lower the processing load, it’s a good idea to set it off.

FHD: Minimum specifications… too much now! Best to meet the recommended specifications

Can you turn Monheon Sunb with excellent graphics into built-in graphics? Low-end online games such as Roll and FIFA were enough to be enough for Ryzen 5 4650g, but unfortunately, it is almost impossible. The minimum specification condition is GT 1030, which depends on the type and environment of the game, but the GT 1030 is ahead of about 15-25%. You can think of it as a little falling, but the minimum specifications provided by the official site are the graphic option ‘Low’. Not only can you lower the graphic options below that, but you have to play less than 30fps.

I have no choice but to think that there are no low-cost graphics cards. The RX 570 and the GTX 16 series, which were three captains of the price before the graphics card crisis, are now old. Therefore, if you need to match a new PC right now, you should think of it as a recommended specification rather than a minimum specification. If you get parts to the minimum specifications, the price is not well sold, and the price is high compared to the performance to buy the products that came out a long time ago.

The mining graphics card issues mentioned above should not turn their eyes in used products, and it is better to choose a new product and purchase a credit company. If you want to meet the minimum specifications, you have to carry a risk of mining issues and have a higher price compared to the current performance, but nevertheless, you have to think of the cheapest GT 1030 you can choose. Although the performance is over spec, the GTX 1050TI (1050 is no sale!), Which is somewhat unfortunate for the performance compared to the performance, and the new product performance is unfortunate, but it will be about GTX 1630, which is free from the re-packaging issue. For reference, 1050ti is slightly higher.

If you select GTX 1630, you will be over 30fps in the graphic option ‘in’ because it exceeds the recommended specifications slightly, but if you want abnormalities such as 60fps, you should think of the GTX 1650 or 1660 subsequent model (Ti, Super) or RTX 3050. As mentioned later, the RTX 3050 is not a bad choice when compared to the GTX 1630. However, 22 years, there is no exceptionally recommended entry-level graphics card.

On the other hand, the CPU has a very wide option. Intel i3-121, the cheapest of the latest entry-level lines of both CPUs

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