Lol: Elyoya demonstrates its 2000 IQ with a triquiñuela with VI of authentic jugon

We might think that League of Legends is already invented. Not surprisingly, in Riot Games they consider, although in a very hypothetical way, stop creating new champions when they are left without new mechanics. But despite this, we continue to have plays that make us open our mouths of surprise and admiration.

Here the talent of the players comes into play, especially professionals, and one of the most quality carat in Europe is none other than Javier Elyoya Prades. The Spanish jungle of MAD Lions is one of LEC’s great talents, and he demonstrates it in each official party. Not surprisingly, the team is the first classified of the season in the maximum European League of Legends competition.

It wouldn’t have occurred to us

What we see above is a clip of a recent streaming of Elyoya. In this video, which has been published on social networks by @Lol_es account on Twitter, we can appreciate two of the characteristics that define Elyoya as a player: Intelligence and mechanical ability . Because besides being fast with the keys, he thinks of an imaginative solution that would not occur to us.

When he makes the gank to the central street, we can appreciate how the Azir enemy is just a blow of life. The exchange in front of his counterpart has left him touched. Elyoya could well use his definitive ability to ensure murder, but he has the bad luck that he is in cooling. Despite having its Q-Rompemuros and with the flash , the distance is too great to hit him with VI and the blows of him to Melé.

But the truth is that Elyoya has a very interesting idea. I really have a skill that hurts from afar, as is the expansive area of the implacable effect . What Elyoya does is approach the enemy tower with the Q and the flash, to be able to hit this with the enhanced attack of the E. and it is that blow to cone that crosses the turret that ends with Azir. As the Angloplants say: think outside the box.

Foto de lol eSports.

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