CLANFOLK Lets add the cold to your ally to increase your living level! Wisdom that makes the best use of nature Noyaki and Himuro [Watch the world in games#26]

Have you been able to surpass the severe winter of Scotland, spending time in Clanfolk ? If you have the skin obtained by slaughtering dry mushrooms and livestock, you will be able to surpass hunger and cold for the time being. Because of early access, the technology will be ready, and it will stabilize cold and food.

The goal of the game is achieved, but there are still techniques that make life easier. Noyaki and Himuro, which are currently being held in Scotland, can help save food and secure food if you learn how to do it in the game. Let’s learn while referring to the actual example.

Nonoyaki (MUIRBURN)

Scotland has a wetland called Moore, which has almost no trees, and is particularly famous for its heaths (Heather) flowers, especially in summer, making it pink or purple. Highland uses Heath for various purposes, and is indispensable for pastures and beekeeping and ale, which is planned to be implemented in the future. The peat contains a heath scent and affects whiskey flavors. Speaking of Scotland, Heath is a representative of the area.

In order to utilize this Heath, we sometimes perform the rice grilled work locally. There is also a customary phrase called Set the Heather on Fire, and it is a tradition that has been done for a long time. Because Scotland is a cold region, plants change into pools without being decomposed by soil. Therefore, even if the plants die, the nutrition will accumulate without the next generation. The dead old stock is reset as ash and it is a nutrition of new stocks that will grow. Heaths are resistant to flames, and sprouts are very useful as food for livestock and livestock. In the current Scotland, it is stipulated from October to April in the early spring, when grassland is decreasing due to grazing.

As long as it is currently implemented, the so-called grilled field farming method is made by baking grass and wood as a cultivated land. It’s a good idea to try the first year with less fertilizer. In early spring and late autumn, rainy days continue, so it is around summer to be able to run stably. Cut the surrounding surroundings so that the fire does not spread, turn off the automatic fire extinguishing and then fire.

In the future, peat will be introduced in the future, but if the fire of the baking is turned on the peat layer, it will cause a large-scale fire. In Indonesia in 2015, burning deep underground, causing heat and toxic gas in a wide area. If you want to mainly want to use pods, baking is an important technology, but it is important to control the range properly.

Himuro (Icehouse)

A harsh cold that becomes a strong enemy that threatens life. On the other hand, if it can be stored well until summer, it will be reversed to the most useful thing. That is the Himuro technology that keeps the cold air all year round. In this season, you will see natural ice shaved ice. This is also used by taking out the natural ice stored for half a year by Himuro.

The principle is very simple, just keep the ice cut in the severe winter in a highly insulated place, in a dedicated warehouse or cave. In a cold region where thick ice is thick on a large lake, we use a saw to cut out. This scene was drawn at the beginning of Ana and the Snow Queen.

If you put enough enough to keep it negatively, and if you do not neglect sealing and temperature control, you will be able to seal the cold air. Food in the summer can be stored for a long time without rot, and if you want to increase the number of people after the second year in Clanfolk, I would definitely like to make it by all means.

In Japan, it is managed to create a dedicated place and remove impurities in order to make it shaved ice. It has been used as an important refrigerated storage technology since the era without electrical technology, and in Europe there was also Himuro in the royal aristocracy. In Japan, it is said to be ice-sama as valuables in the summer in the summer. Since it sells at a high price without an alternative, it was also an important source of income for people with severe agriculture.

In Clanfolk, there is no cut-out ice, but the frozen water in the tub plays a role. It is said that it has the effect of lowering the temperature, so it is assumed to be used as an ice room. Create a space that blocks the heat as a grocery store, and prepare water that fills the tub storage area (separately for drinking water). The rest is completed if you freeze it in the middle of winter.

This is the same when you check with thermography in the spring when the temperature rises. Despite being warm to around 10 degrees, the inside of the Himuro maintains negative. Belly and raw meat with fast legs are hardly corrupted. You can afford to sell, but above all, you can significantly reduce the time you spend on securing food. You can feel how refrigerated technology improves human life.

CLANFOLK is a Rimworld follower, but also fights with nature and can experience the life of using nature. This is a work that you want to play with a survival but are not good at fighting enemies.

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