Will Smiths twin is real, and lives in Latin America

Will Smith is one of the most recognized actors around the world. Although his reputation suffered a blow during the last ceremony of the Oscar awards, many continue to love the protagonist of men in black. However, not everyone has the opportunity to meet the playwright in person. Here is where Eduardo Ávila Abello enters, better known as Will Smith’s twin.

Recently, social networks revealed the existence of someone who looks identical to the rin of rap. This is Yhauual Eduardo Ávila Abello, a 30-year-old Venezuelan, who after the crisis in his country, emigrated to Lima, Peru, * where he has gained new recognition for his undeniable similar resemblance to Will Smith. *



Will Smith in Peru? ✌? #rap

♬ Gettin ’Jiggy Wit It-Nye Party Band

Despite working as a shoe deliveryman, Ávila Abello, known among his friends as Jackson Smith, has taken advantage of this situation, andnow he dresses with a cap and bag similar to the one who was carrying Will Smith in _The prince of rap* . Currently, Jackson Smith’s account has more than 45 thousand followers, demonstrating that everyone wants to meet the actor, or his twin, at least once in his life.

In related issues, Will Smith apologizes again for the Oscar’s coup. Similarly, Chris Rock makes fun of Smith’s apology.

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