Se filtra nuevo gameplay de The Last of Us Part I

A couple of days ago a series of images and additional details on The last of us part i _, the PS3 classic remake were leaked. Now, today several videos have been shared that give us a better look at the gameplay of that title. **

Recently, Nick Baker, Xboxera co-founder, shared three videos of the last of us par i. In the first one it is possible to see a bit of the fight with Joel and Ellie.


The second is focused on the way weapons can be improved , and attachments are reflected in the action.

Finally, We can see more of the protagonists shooting in a bookstore .

Along with this, Baker reaffirms that the remake will have two visual modes. The fidelity mode is focused on running 4K native and 40fps , while performance offers dynamic 4K and 60fps, although there is also the option to release framelates when using VRR mode on different screens.

Finally, Baker has pointed out that the quality of the videos is not the best due to HDR problems and life capture. We remind you that The Last of Us Part I_ will arrive at PS5 on September 2 , with a PC version planned for the future.

In related issues, you can see more leaks of this remake here. Similarly, the premiere window for The Last of Us series has been revealed.

Editor’s note:

Previous reports have made it clear that this remake is focused on the visual section, where we have seen substantial changes. However, those who expect some novelty in the gameplay or the story are probably disappointed in this regard.

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