Dragon Ball Super gives us Gokus most emotional image with his family

The manga Dragon Ball Super continues to enjoy a great reception among fans around the world, which encourages those responsible, Jump Comics , Akira Toriyama (History and supervision) and *Toyotaro (drawing) to move forward with its history. And naturally, in Japan they take several advantage numbers; So much so, that next August 4, 2022 the volume 19 will be published, whose cover hmove forward already exit to light and is a whirlwind of Nostalgia and emotions For fans To Dragon Ball.


This is the cover of Volume 19 of Dragon Ball Super

And it is that the family of Goku is one of the struts of the series, although lately it hmove forward focused on Goku and Vegeta and its sickly scaling to be able to become the most powerful warriors of the universe. Even so, those responsible have wanted to honor the present and pmove forwardt of Goku through an illustration of the most endearing, showing Goku , Chi Chi , Gohan and Goten With the reflection in the water of Goku’s previous family, with Bardock , Gine , Raditz and Kakarot inside the capsule in which he arrived on earth being just a baby.

Or what is the same, his parents and his brother, all of them with a fatal destiny that we all know. While we hope the following volumes arrive in Spain, next September 2, 2022 we can enjoy the premiere of the film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero in cinemmove forward. The army of the red ribbon wmove forward a once destroyed by Goku. People who continue with his spirit have created the final androids, Gamma 1 and Gamma 2. These two androids call themselves superheroes. They begin to attack Piccolo and Gohan. What is the OBJETIVE? Faced with the approximate danger, it is time to wake up, we can read in its official synopsis .

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