There is already a main actor for Yu Yu Hakusho Live Action series

Although one could think that Netflix is ready to put aside the live action of anime, especially after the failure that was Cowboy Bebop, this is not the case. Together with the series of one piece and avatar: The Last Airbender, the streaming company is also working on a Live Action version of Yu Yu Hakusho _. After months of silence, It has finally been revealed who will play the main character .

According to Variety, Takumi Kitamura will be in charge of playing Yusuke Yurameshi , the protagonist of this beloved story. Kitamura is not strange to these types of projects, since he previously gave life to Hanagaki Takemichi in the adaptation of tokyo Revengers.

Outside this new piece of information, for the moment there are no more details about the Live Action series of Yu Yu Hakusho, and it is expected that this adaptation will reach Netflix at some point in the winter of 2023, There is a long time before we see a trailer or image of this production.

Kazutaka Sakamoto will be the executive producer of the series , with Akira Morii assuming the role of producer and sho tsukikawa as director. In related issues, Netflix reveals why they have lost subscribers. Similarly, Netflix and Microsoft are associated to take ads to the platform.

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