Guide on sweaty palms in the hospital Two Point

Sweaty Palms is the second hospital that you will find in the world of 4 Two Points hospitals. This hospital can be unlocked by reaching the star level in Dakvort-on-Bill.

In this guidebook at the Two Point hospital, you will find everything you need to know about the Sweaty Palms hospital, for example, its best layout, star goals, staff training tips and a step-by-step guide.

Hospital with two points, the best layout for sweaty palms

Each hospital has a different layout; Some players want to set him up for their needs. But to make it a little easier for you, we create a model for Sweaty Palms, which we consider the best.

Below you will find the best Sweaty Palms model on Two Point Hospital.

We will make the plot 2 to our diagnostic site, next to the site of our therapist. The therapist will be located on section 3 along with the toilet and a strong cafe. The reason for the preservation of these areas is quite simple.

It would be easy to diagnose and treat patients if both of these areas were close to each other. Plot 4 at the beginning will serve as a multi-purpose purpose, you can make a room for staff here, but later, if necessary, you can make diagnostic rooms here, Pan laboratory and a psychiatric room.

This will serve the overflow zone and will be used if necessary. You can also reserve plots 5 and 7 to solve emergency situations and the placement of the necessary rooms.

On section 6, you will do all the affairs related to treatment. There will be a DNA laboratory and a department for working with patients.

After that, there will be a plot 7, which we can use for administrative purposes, as this is the very back. This zone is not perfect for working with patients, so it is better to make it administrative.

Nevertheless, section 9 can be used as a therapeutic zone, if it seems to you that the available is not enough.

Star Objects of sweaty palms

1 Star target

  • Cure 15 patients with premature mummification
  • Cuting speed 60%
  • Hospital cost 750,000 US dollars


  • 10,000 dollars
  • Kudosh 100

2-star goals

  • Cure 100 patients
  • Cure speed 75%
  • Hospital cost of 2,000,000 US dollars
  • Thermal comfort 75%


  • $ 20,000
  • Kudosh 150

3-star goals

  • Cure 200 patients
  • Cure speed 90%
  • The cost of the hospital is 5,000,000 US dollars
  • Thermal comfort 90%


  • $ 20,000
  • Kudosh 150

Tips for Teaching Hospital Personnel Sweaty Palms

Training staff is another mechanics on Two Point Hospital, which opens after reaching level 3. As soon as you can train your staff, first start with the administrator.

Be sure to increase his skills, such as emotions, intelligence and endurance. As a doctor, you should combine skills such as general practice and diagnosis.

Make sure that nurses have skills such as the ward, injection and treatment, if the nurse does not have these skills, start training immediately, since most of the time they will work with the patient.

You can train a cleaner to increase his skills, such as mechanics, maintenance, endurance training and emotional intelligence. They can repair cars and other things, increasing these skills.

Wipers are a backbone, and you will need to invest in them so that the hospital works without failures.

You must take measures to reduce their load. You can place fire extinguishers in the right room so that they do not have to run them for a long time in an emergency.

Just increase the ability of all staff in the hospital when you have a chance to get the maximum return from them.

How to manage a duty in sweaty palms

It is not difficult to manage debts at Sweaty Palms if you move forward carefully, not forgetting about your budget. You can start with a pharmacy, a general practitioner, registration racks and a cleaner.

After that, start teaching your employees, as it will be much cheaper, and you can turn them into specialists.

You can also increase the cost of treatment and monitor the reputation in order to stop increasing the price when you feel that this most affects your reputation.

Make sure your general practitioners are next to the diagnostic cabinet and far from the procedural office to help you earn more.

To cover part of the loss of reputation, you can start a marketing campaign and effectively manage your duty. Just remember this and continue to work; You can easily control your duty.

If you cannot cope with your debt at Sweaty Palms even after completing all of the above tips, you can also try the cheat. You can start research for making money and debt management.

Go to the old hospital that you have and start your research there. When your study is over, suspend it and return to sweaty palms.

Having returned, complete the study and earn money to pay off your debt. Here are several ways in which you can quite effectively manage your debt on Two Point Hospital Sweaty Palms.

sweaty palms: how to manage the moral spirit of staff

To manage the moral spirit of your staff in the hospital of sweaty Palms, you must make sure that they are happy. Even if you pay them a little less, you must make sure that you give them the main amenities.

You can provide them with a room for staff where they can relax. The staff room should have benches, a sheet stand, a machine for drinks and a machine gun for snacks. By providing these amenities, make sure that you also have garbage tanks nearby.

The hospital should be completely cleaned and put in order, and the temperature in it should be normal so that they do not have to work in high temperature conditions.

Not only for staff, make sure you have everything you need for patients. Because if patients are unhappy, they will go to another hospital.

If possible, increase the salary of employees to make them happier. Personnel with a high moral spirit will quickly cure patients.

Passage of sweaty palms

From the very beginning, do not try to increase the level of your hospital. Instead, you must first train accessible personnel and modernize equipment to increase the rate of treatment.

The rate of treatment is important for the uninterrupted work of this hospital, since you will deal with many diseases. For research, you can go to Mitton University and engage in research in the field of cryptology.

You will need quite a few janitors to manage Sweaty Palms, and make sure that you have completely trained them, since you will deal with many patients and earthquakes.

Earthquakes quickly reduce the durability of your technology, so it is very important to have trained cleaners. Be sure to place at least two fire extinguishers in all places, since you will need in different situations, and one of them may not fit.

To achieve the necessary rate of treatment and expansion, you will need to follow a slow expansion strategies. Because if you go for a quick expansion, you will have many patients, and you will not be able to cope with them at all, which will reduce the rate of treatment.

To cope with all the tasks, such as the expansion and rate of treatment, you must carefully control your hospital and remember the important things that we mentioned above. If you follow the recommendations mentioned above, you will not face many problems.

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