How to Fix Dead By Daylight (DBD) Error Code 8012

Error Code: 8012 is a problematic bug in Dead by Daylight that has prevented many players from joining matches on all platforms including PlayStation, PC and Xbox. Error 8012 usually indicates Daylight Dead servers are down, but there are some potential fixes if the servers are currently up.

To fix error 8012, check if the servers are online, which can be done on the Dead by Daylight Detector page down. If there seems to be no problem with the server, restart your device and check your internet connection. Error 8012 can also be caused by internet connection issues, so restarting your router might also solve the problem.

If error 8012 is related to Daylight Dead servers down, there is unfortunately little that players can do until the servers are restored. Players can check the official Dead by Daylight website or social media accounts for updates on server status. Developers often let fans know when servers are down and when they are expected to return.

Dead by Daylight developers have announced a major update to the game, designed to address performance issues. Until then, players may have to deal with a few instances of error 8012, but it looks like fixes are on the way.

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