Hydra software version 1.2 is ready for AMD processors on Zen 4 and learned how to configure Radeon video cards

A fairly well-known developer in AMD fan circles, 1usmus, has announced a new version of its software for overclocking AMD Ryzen processors called Hydra. Version 1.2, according to the author, is completely ready for the release of stones on Zen 4, and even learned how to configure the operation of Radeon RX video cards.

Hydra 1.2 functionality allows you to select the optimal settings for AMD processors and video cards in a fully automatic mode, which greatly simplifies the process of setting up a new PC for inexperienced users. It goes without saying that you can achieve better results on your own, but this can take far more than one hour of time.


The developer has promised to share more information about configuring Radeon graphics cards in this app in the near future.

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