Almost 10% of PS4 version Bio 7 owners havent played? Unexpected trends seen from actual data

A number about Biohazard 7 recently caught the attention of the overseas community. It is said that 9% of users who played the PS4 version of Resident Evil 7 did not get the trophy (achievement) at the start of the game. In other words, he stopped the game without even watching the intro movie. From a different perspective on the trophy (achievement) acquisition rate, other interesting trends have emerged.

Achievements are like medals given to players according to the milestones they have achieved in the game. Although the names such as Trophy for PlayStation and Achievement for Steam and Xbox have changed, similar systems are used on each platform. There are various types of achievements that can be obtained, and in addition to clearing the game and completing the replay elements, there are also unusual acquisition conditions such as do not start the game for 10 years. In addition, the achievements that are unlocked in sequence as the story progresses can be a measure of how many players have advanced the work. As an example, in the action RPG from From Software, which is known for its high difficulty, the achievement acquisition rate of defeating bosses in the early stages is often talked about (related article). The achievement acquisition rate can also be a clue to various play tendencies.

On July 8th, a thread was set up on the overseas bulletin board Reddit to convey an interesting view of such achievement acquisition rates. The post shows the trophy acquisition rate data for the PS4 version of Resident Evil 7 and states that 9% of users stop playing before they finish watching the cutscene at the start of the game. Although this post has now been deleted by moderators, it has collected 6746 Upvotes and has received a number of feedback comments.

In the same work, a cutscene of just over two minutes begins after the start of a new game. The content presents the setting that the main character heads to the countryside to pursue the clues of his disappeared wife. And when the cutscene is over, you can automatically get the first achievement of the story, The Beginning of a Nightmare. When actually checking the PS4 version trophy acquisition rate of this work on the PlayStation Network (PSN), the acquisition rate of Nightmare Beginning is 91%. It’s true that 9%, or about 1 in 10 users, hasn’t seen the first cutscene to the end. Also, the trophy data on the PSN is expected to be generated when the game is launched. It’s possible that 9% of users don’t just buy and touch this game, but start it up but don’t play.

And what is worrisome is the achievement acquisition rate of the beginning of a nightmare on other models. 92.3% of the PS5 version, 96.3% of the Steam version, and 95.5% of Steam’s Grotesque Ver. Were able to confirm accurate values to some extent. Although the acquisition rate is higher than the PS4 version, the median overall value is 93.9%. Considering that the sales of this work is 1080 million as of March 31, this year, it is calculated that 660,000 Resident Evil 7 is almost unplayed and sleeping. However, since this work has been expanded to other platforms, the above is an approximation. Did you get scared when you started it, did you feel uncomfortable, or was there something else? Anyway, it seems that there are surprisingly many players who have Resident Evil 7 but don’t play.


Another interesting example is the game start record of the Neptunia series. Many of the works in the series have a track record that can be obtained automatically after starting the game. For example, in Hyperdimension Neptunia V released on PS3, the achievement Neptunia activation is canceled immediately after selecting and starting NEW GAME. In other words, if you try to play even a little, you should definitely have it. However, looking at the PSN performance data of the same work, the acquisition rate is 95.1%. 4.9% of users haven’t even pushed NEW GAME. The Neptunia series is also a slightly niche style. The situation of getting it but not touching it is quite imaginative.

The game achievement acquisition data not only shows the rarity of the achievement itself, but also shows the interesting tendency of the user. As another example, a user who illegally acquires the above-mentioned achievement of not starting the game for 10 years immediately after the release of the work appears. There was a rare event that the developer scolded with humor (related article). If you take a closer look at the achievement acquisition rate, there may be other surprising discoveries that emerge.

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