Almost 1 in 10 players from Resident Evil 7 could not with the first kinematics

Resident Evil is one of the great emblems of the video game industry, and possibly the great referent of the genre of terror. Although a few years ago he threw himself into the head action with the fifth and sixth delivery of the franchise, the reality is that with the arrival of Ethan Winters it was sought to return to the roots of the franchise.

So much so that The first hour of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is one of the most always Malrolleras . So much so that 9% of the players who started a game in PlayStation, have not achieved the first trophy of the game: the one that is given after seeing the introduction that makes the main character move to Louisiana to look for the missing woman of the.

Over there


The start of Resident Evil 7 consists of a scene in which we see Ethan Winters see two videos sent by his woman in a laptop. In the first he tells her that she will soon return home, and in the second he does not wait for him or go looking for her. The aspect of Mia Winters, although it is not clear fear, yes she has enough disturbing… as will later be confirmed when she finds her for the first time in the Baker’s house.

However, for 9% of the players who started the game, it was too much . As can be seen in the PlayStation Achievement Table, almost 1 in 10 players did not control Ethan for the first time; That is, he was not able to move from the first scene. Most likely, they had to regret the courage to buy the game and install it.

Since it is necessary to start the game for PlayStation to register the trophies, it must be ruled out that this percentage is that of the people who bought the title and did not play it. Of course, there may be people to whom this trophy was broken, but the bulk of the same has surely followed the reasoning explained in the upper paragraph.

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