How to play Fortnite in a Chromebook

It is a underestimation to say that Fortnite is incredibly popular. Fortnite has found its way on almost all the main devices, from consoles to mobile devices. But what about Chromebook? Can you play Fortnite in a Chromebook? Yes, you can, and that’s how.

Install Fortnite APK in Chromebook

Many Chromebook admit the APK installation, the file format used by Android. This is an excellent option to play Fortnite if your Chromebook has low specifications.

Step 1 *: Open the configuration of your Chromebook and choose applications.
Step 2 : There is an option to install applications and Google Play games in your chrome. Choose more> I accept.
Step 3 : Open application configuration> Security> Enabling unknown sources.
Step 4 *: Start the Chrome browser and visit the official Fortnite Mobile site. Download the APK file.
* You will need a file administrator application for this part. Use Google Play Store to install one.
Step 5 *: Look for Fortnite’s APK within the application of the file administrator and install it.

Play Fortnite with Xbox Cloud Gaming

If I needed more reasons to buy Xbox Game Pass, this is another. With an Xbox Game Pass subscription, you can get access to Xbox Cloud Gaming and transmit Fortnite to your Chromebook. Keep in mind that you are still in beta.

Step 1 *: Subscribe to Xbox Game Pass.
* It is better to use your Microsoft account and keep things ordered.
Step 2 : With Google Play Store on your Chromebook, install the Xbox Game Pass application (beta) and then log in.
Step 3 : Within the search function in the application, locate Fortnite and start playing!

Play Fortnite with Geforce Now

Don’t you have a high performance chromebook? There is always Nvidia GeForce Now. As a cloud-based transmission service (such as the Netflix of the Games), it does not even need a powerful platform. All you need is a decent Internet connection.

Step 1 *: Create a GeForce Now Nvidia account on the official site.
* Nvidia GeForce Now has third-party subscription; The free level will limit it to 1 hour sessions.
Step 2 : Use the search function to locate Fortnite.
Step 3 : Link your EPIC account when asked.

Use of Chrome Remote Desktop Stream

If you have a PC and a Chromebook, there is also the option to transmit Fortnite from its PC to your Chromebook using Chrome Remote Desktop.

Step 1 *: Install Fortnite on your PC and Chrome Remote Desktop in your Chromebook. CRD is free.
Step 2 : In both devices, log in to the same Google account.
Step 3 : Go to applications using your Chromebook.
Step 4 *: In applications, select my equipment> Start> enabled remote connections.
Step 5 *: Now open applications again and choose Chrome Remote Desktop> My Computers> Connect.

And with that we have covered all forms of play Fortnite in a Chromebook . If you are new in the game, complete your knowledge understanding what KD is in Fortnite or how to move by the map using a whiplash.

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