Steam published a rating of video cards for June

In fresh statistics of Steam, the gland of players without changing the leader. GTX 1060 still holds the first line of the rating. True, there is no clarification which version of the video card is in offset-3 GB of video memory or 6 GB. Although it is possible that they are considered both for 1. Following it are GTX 1650 and GTX 1050 Ti.

From the curious-growth RTX 3060 (mobile version). Considering that mining is now in a large crisis (we wish him the final and irrevocable death with all our hearts), in the next few months we can expect a sharp increase in the video cards of the RTX 30XX series.

The Lisa Su camp is not very good. The highest video card from AMD in the rating takes only 15 line, and even that is building. And if we talk about a stationary device, then RX 580 is located already on the 19th line.

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