Add Shin Ca TM Opera O, Umamus Me first update

On the 27th, Kakao Games launched the first update to unveil new characters and support cards in the mobile game Umamus Pretty Derby.

First, I added a new Umamusume character, TM Opera O. ‘TM Opera O’ is a narcissist who shows off her love with exaggerated acting tones, and is working to realize people who do not know their strength and beauty. It is a comical-comical king who is unknowingly, and is a leading type that plays a medium and long distance on stage.

At the same time, we have updated three support cards to help foster characters. This allows you to get three types of new card SSR grade ‘[Loved beings’ Oguri Cap‘ and SR grade ‘[Witch Witch and Long Night] Sweep Tossho’.

Kakao Games will hold a story event, ‘Go toward your dreams!’ Users can participate in the mission with the event points obtained through fostering characters, and can obtain various rewards through roulette events.

Umamus Pretty Derby, which began its official service on June 20, is a development simulation game that competes to fulfill the dreams of each character by fostering and winning characters who have inherited the souls and names of the real race horses. Details of the first update of Umamusme Fritter Derby can be found on the brand page, the official KakaoTalk channel, and the official community.

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