The Japanese team that defeats ZETA appears! NORTHEPTION won the close battle and won the VCT STGAE2 domestic qualifying championship, grabbed a ticket to the international tournament

NORTHEPTION is the 2022 VCT MASTHEPTION in the domestic tournament of Valorant Valorant Champions Tour 2022: Japan Stage 2 ChallenGers Playoffs ** being held at Saitama Super Arena. I got a ticket to.

In the 1st map Ice Box, the seesaw game was fierce, and the slips were held with each other, and the development was unacceptable, but NORTHEPTION won the round score 13-11.

The 2nd map Haven has a unilateral development of ZETA. ZETA, the start of the attack, is overwhelmed by a round score 13-4 with a polite attack and an iron wall protection that does not allow retakes. I wonder if ZETA’s momentum will stop as it is, and in the 3rd map Fracture, I will show the overwhelming power that NTH has been done by ZETA. Derialy’s neon is pushed in at a stretch, and Meteor’s Rarks stabbed, and NorthPtion won the same round score 13-4.

4th map Assent with interval. The attack on the attack starts exploding. While showing JOXJO’s 1V2 clutch etc., it was steadily repeated, and NTH dominated in 7-5. In maintaining the relaxation, the round score 13-7 was brilliantly destroyed the world’s third largest ZETA Division.


Following this victory, NorthPtion will participate in 2022 VCT Masters Copenhagen in Denmark Copenhagen from July 10 to 25, 2022.

[Update] (June 26, 17:55) The description of the round score has been corrected.

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