There is no date, but the addition of Overwatch 2 content is once every two months

Users’ opinions on the Overwatch 2 beta test were consistent. I also liked the changed part and the game was really fun, but I didn’t know why it was two. This is because the added content is only three new heroes, one new mode, and three new battlefields, and the other parts were enough to enjoy or implement in the first episode. Many experts have been waiting for a few years, depending on how many new heroes are added.

Fortunately, this worry was somewhat dispeled with the release of new information related to the game with the news of Overwatch 2’s release date and free play. Three new heroes will be added only at the time of launch, and the new content will be updated every nine weeks. In an interview with the developers, the goal is to release more than three or four new heroes a year. The screening and interviews held on the 15th and 16th were able to listen to details.

At the same time as the release, three new heroes, one hero after 9 weeks

On the 13th, in the Xbox Bethesda game showcase, the news that Overwatch 2’s service policy was changed to F2P (Free To Play). At the time of the first announcement, it was considered to adhere to the package sales method, as in the first episode, but changed the operation in three years. The reason why the development team made this choice is to lower the barriers to entry, increase accessibility, and update new content more often. Aaron Keller Game Director said, The F2P method can be released at any time compared to the package method.

Overwatch 2 will actually release new contents with a new season every nine weeks since its launch. In the release stage, three new heroes and new battlefields, including one, will be introduced, including Sojeon and Jungker Queen and other heroes. I thought it was just two months to develop and maintain the season, starting with the hero, starting with the hero, the development of the battlefield, mode, skin, and balance patch, he said..

The 9-week cycle update also includes myth grade skins, a new grade skin. Myth grade skin is much more colorful than the existing legendary rating, and the player can customize it directly. In addition, the skill effect is much more colorful than before. The first myth grade skin owner is Genji, and it will be a unique feeling that combines the devil and cyber punk. According to Aaron Keller’s explanation, the mask will be peeled off when using the ultimate and the shape of the devil’s face will shine.

Other season contents are added to various items. Ditjang item is attached directly to the weapon and is an item that players can see directly from the first person. In the case of loot boxes, it is completely excluded and a new Battle Pass is introduced. For the composition of the Battle Pass and the various billed muddels, the crew will hold a separate presentation.

PVE added with the season update in 2023

The PVE content, which was known as the core of Overwatch 2 before this announcement, will be updated in 2023. PVE content is a development team’s efforts to solve the storytelling of Overwatch, which has been conducted through cinematic videos, animations, and graphic novels, in the in-game. Characters that are not much related to the main stories such as the new heroes, Jungker Queen, Junkrat, and Roadhog, including the story that were unfinished in the first one, are also officially incorporated into the story through PVE.

According to the released videos and contents, PVE also features Torbyon’s hometown of Yothbori, and also contains battle in the field where the vision is blocked with snow purple and fog. The PVE will appear through the season update, and in a specific season, the battlefield from PVE will be incorporated into the PVP battlefield. We will be able to solve various stories through PVE, said the chief narrative designer Gabin.

The queen of the trash village, Jungker Queen, shakes the meta?

In the beta on the 29th, you can enjoy new content, Jungker Queen, Liu battlefield, and reorganized Shimetra. Among them, Jung Kurue, who is receiving a lot of attention, is the first hero in Overwatch’s story in Junk Rat and Roadhog. She has a habit of naming her weapon, and her ax is called Carnage, and her dagger is called Gracie. She is characterized by the sound of guitar sounds every time she casts a technology like a locker.

Jungker Quinn is a hero made with the battlefield that has been changed to 5 to 5 from the beginning. She has significantly reduced the number of barriers to her barriers, but she does not use the barrier even though she is an assault hero to suit Overwatch 2’s keynote. However, she can increase the speed and defense of allies for 4 seconds through the crying skills of the command, and attack the enemy using an ax, shotgun, and a dagger. If you stab an enemy with a dagger, you can produce a bleeding effect and continue to damage the enemy, and if the thrown dagger hit the enemy, it can be recovered and pulled in a certain distance player.

Her ultimate name is ‘killing’. When you use it, you wield an ax and have a time charging time and rush in the direction designed by the player. Enemies who hit the rush are healing, and Jung Kurquin can restore her stamina as much as the enemy hit by the ultimate. Using this numerous utility technology, it will play a role as a brewer to dig into enemy camps or assist allied players.


Jeff Goodman, a senior designer, said, I think it will be possible to play in the middle of the enemy and push the enemy aggressively. It was possible.

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