Passing the quest External worlds over long distances

The Outer Worlds has many main plot quests, as well as many side quests for which players can get additional awards. One of the main plot quests is a great distance in which you will need to talk with Sofia Akande and help her track someone out.

The next guide will easily lead you through the Outer Worlds Long Distance Quest quest.

External Worlds Far Quest

To start this quest, go to the city of Byzantium and find Sofia Akande. Find and talk to her to start this quest. However, you will need to fulfill the quest chain Destroyed Woman in advance.

Terminal Baga Fineas

Sofia will ask you to install a bug in the communication terminal of Fineas in order to track it. Your goal will be to go to the Fineas Laboratory and place the tracking signal into the terminal.

However, if you go and talk with Fineas and tell him everything about what happened, you will get another choice that will be to put a damaged tracker instead of a worker. The choice will not have values at this stage of the game, and this quest will be played the same, regardless of what you decide to do.

Regardless of which signal you decide to place, the target will be fulfilled, and for the next purpose you will be invited to return to the ADA.

Return to hell

Go in hell on an unreliable ship, where Sofia will contact you again. She will award you 27,000 XP, and will also increase the reputation for posting tracking error.

Talk to Sofia in her office.

Then she will ask you to see her personally in her personal office, located in Byzantium. To go there, use the landing site of the adjutant Akande. The guard will let you into his office without resistance. Talk to her to receive another 27,000 XP as a reward.

During a conversation with her, the Kat-scene will change slightly depending on which quests you performed on the storyline. But the final result will be the unlocking of the foundation quest.

Sofia will also give the Signal Point in Cosmos quest, and also tell you to go and chat with Persian to get awards. After talking with Persian, you will complete the quest Long distance, and you will receive your awards.


External Worlds: Long distances quest rewards

  • Signaling point in space or unlocking the fund’s quest
  • 72 000 XP
  • Cartridge for 2000 bits
  • Stellar Bay Navka
  • Improving the reputation of the board of directors

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