Light Speed Universe announced the next 10 years of vision announcement

Light Speed Studio, a global game developer under Tencent, unveils ‘Light Speed Universe’ on the 14th, and connects the world’s game developers and users through its contents competitiveness and technology. It proclaimed the vision to create.

Light Speed Studios is one of the world’s best game developers, and is a studio with more than 50 PCs and mobile games to about 200 countries and 4 billion users around the world.

The new vision, Lightspeed University, has a specific goal that users can play games anytime and anywhere without the constraints of the platform and device, and build an environment where developers can develop games more easily and faster. To this end, it will continue to invest in talent, research and development, and global platform development, and will support the global growth and development of the game development industry over the next 10 years.

Along with the declaration of vision, the details and reorganization of Light Speed Studios were followed. Light Speed Studio has launched Lightspeed Pictures and announced that it will produce animations, broadcasts, and movies based on the original IP to provide users to enjoy the game beyond the game.

In addition, the new integrated mission and brand identity have been released to integrate the distributed manpower, games, and studios into one, allowing users and developers to be easily immersed in a new vision.

Infrastructure improvement work was also introduced. In order to develop high-quality games faster, new technology and art centers have been established in Singapore, and the game development infrastructure has been dramatically improved. Currently, Singapore of Light Speed Studios is a R & D center that leads innovation and integration, and is a base for developing advanced technologies such as AR, VR, and cloud games by coordinating the R & D pipeline and global operating system.

The news and manpower expansion news also reported. Light Speed Studios said that it will expand its branches to 10 countries this year and hire excellent developers to bring new changes to the global game industry by emphasizing the necessity of excellent talent in developing excellent games.

Jerry Chen, CEO of Light Speed Studio, said, Light Speed Universe is a overall concept of R & A. We will establish new standards for cross-platforms and provide interactive cultural exchange experience.


Our dream of becoming the world’s best game developer does not change even in the midst of uncertainty of the foreign environment, he said. Speed Universe is an ecosystem that connects players and developers around the world, and will be our future vision and blueprint over the next 10 years.

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