Open World Agricultural Game Lightyear Frontier will be available for early access distribution next spring. A greedy planet development that explores with a mechanic, agriculture and builds a home

AMPLIFIER GAME INVEST announced on June 13 that Lightyear Frontier will be launched early in 2023. Compatible platforms are PC (Steam/Microsoft Store)/Xbox Series X | S. It will be offered for Xbox Game Pass from the first day of the release. Inside the game corresponds to Japanese.


Lightyear Frontier is an open world agricultural exploration game. Players live in a bipedal walking mechanism in a vast world, and live in agriculture, build a base, and explore unknown planets. The basics of agriculture are the same to use a mechanism. See seeds, promote growth with fertilizer, and water to watch the growth of crops. You can also use agricultural products to manufacture materials for improving mechanisms. If you open the parts and customize them, you will be able to explore environments that you could not enter before.

The planet has not only day and night but also four seasons. In addition, there are rainy days and wind days, and the weather continues to change and disasters occur. There are also wild animals that devour crops. In the open world, it is possible to build it anytime, anywhere. Use many kinds of building materials and decorative tools to create your favorite planet farms (ex-monsters). It can be designed as a house and can be enhanced as a living environment. The game is also possible with a maximum of four people. In this work, there are few survival elements. No need for water or food. You can enjoy the planet MEC life as you want.

Lightyear Frontier had undecided for a while, but the early access distribution start time was set in the spring of 2023. Since it is an early access distribution, it seems that the completion will be long if you include the official release, but it will finally be possible to play next spring. Lightyear Frontier is scheduled to be distributed early in 2023 for PC (Steam/Microsoft Store)/Xbox Series X | S.

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