The time melted time with Steam 20 MINUTES TILL DAWN. Challenge for Escape from Tarkov from THE CYCLE: Frontier. Spring Yuki Retrochika was pretty good. This weeks gaming

Now Gaming is a corner where you write the game that each writer plays that week every Sunday. This is the 340th time.

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This week, I played a trial version of the youkai bathhouse management game SPIRITTEA. This is a work where the protagonist who has moved to a certain rural town calms down the youkai who is forgotten and annoyed by humans, and guides him to a bathhouse that operates himself. When the bathhouse hadn’t been there for a while, the protagonist who happened to move to the house where his predecessor lived, met a cat youkai and took over. It is a manga-like development.

Surprisingly, the map is wide, and there are many locations that can be visited besides the bathhouse. Basically, it seems that Japan is a motif, but youkai did not imagine only Japanese monsters. According to the developer, he was inspired by spirits around the world. I’m still in the early stages, so I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of encounter will be in the future. By the way, the trial version is only English, but the product version will be compatible with Japanese. It seems that the text is completed and the localization will be performed.
by. Taijiro Yamanaka

Survival that can shoot guns

This week, I was playing 20 MINUTES TILL DAWN, which started early access distribution. This work is a rogue-like top-down shutter that fights the monsters coming from all sides and survive for 20 minutes. The point of choosing an upgrade for each level up and the goal of survival is the same as Vampire Survivors. However, in this work, players operate guns and some actions. The firearms to be brought in can also be selected from shotguns, dual SMGs, grenade launchers, etc. We will assemble the build with the combination of character features/gun/upgrade.

In this work, the degree of operation of the game that the player shoots the gun is improved. It depends on the build, but you will need to operate it especially in the early stages. In addition, upgrades are often enhanced in the direction related to guns. It is an image that specializes in a single direction by the combination of upgrades. In the version at the time of writing, a specific build is a little strong and strong. On the other hand, there are weapons that are difficult to handle, so they are not well balanced. However, this work has just begun early access distribution. Although it was said that the balance was poor, it was lightly melted for about 10 hours with the intention of playing a little, so I would like to expect future updates.
by. Keiichi yokoyama

I was able to escape even this kind of me

This week, I was playing THE CYCLE: Frontier which opened the pre-season. This work is a free Pvevp escape shooter. Players go down to the planet Fortuna III, pick up valuable items, and return to the base from the escape points. However, if the players come into contact with each other to rob each other’s items, a firefight will occur basically. If you die, almost all items will lose all items, so we pray that you should be rubbed, don’t get up, and take care of the property and aim for a birth return. This system has a common basics as ESCAPE from Tarkov.

On the other hand, even the writer who was overwhelmed by the realism and elements of ESCAPE from Tarkov is a simplicity that can be enjoyed and enjoyable. As he succeeded in escaping in Fortuna III many times, he thought, Well, you can now win ESCAPE from Tarkov, so I went to the land of Tarkov. And multiple times to scatter life. After all, the land of Tarkov was severe.

However, ESCAPE from Tarkov has a strong military simulation element, and The Cycle: Frontier is based on casual shooters. The basic system offers the same but different direction. The rough writer is THE CYCLE: Frontier, but I will try to see Tarkov again.
by. Seiji narita

Mansaku Ikeuchi’s performance is amazing

I cleared Spring Yuki Retrochika quite a while ago, but I didn’t write any impressions, including after clearing, so I wrote it here. Spring Yuki Retrochika was a pretty amazing game, including completely clearing. As I mentioned above, I couldn’t really like tricks, and I was dissatisfied with the comfort around Savroad in terms of system, but the gimmicks of the story were quite intense, and in the instant wind speed, in the games I’ve played so far. But it was a top-class angry tightening.

The interesting thing is that after clearing this work, the performers have been quite attached to the performers. I don’t usually watch dramas, but I often see works that Nanami Sakuraba and Dake Sano. Check the bonus videos in the game eagerly. It seems that he was more captivated by the actors of the in-game characters than expected. In the past, I played a variety of live-action games, but here I never had an attachment. I wonder if each character’s modeling was good and the play time was long, so it has led to attachment. There are some regrettable places, but I thought as a fan that I wanted more people to be loved by more people because it was a work full of challenge and the finish after clearing.
by. Ayuo Kawase

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