Creator of Assassination Classroom collaborates with Dragon Ball

In the manga business there is a great constant, and these are the collaborations between the different artists, we have seen this with Naruto, One Piece, Spy X Family, Attack on Titan, among others. However, the franchise that has taken the palms is Dragon Ball, and this is obvious thanks to the fame it has as one of the popular shonen in the world.


As part of the 40th anniversary of the saga, the editors of Shonen Jump were asked to make their own tribute to the franchise, and one of those selected was yusei matsui, creator of the manga assassination classroom_ . This was responsible for recreating a cover of the z era to his style, changing the face of iconic characters such as piccoro and even Gohan** of child.

Here you can be the recreation of him of volume 20 of the work:

Next to this tribute, there are some more that came to light like that of masashi kishimoto, creator of neither more nor less than Naruto, who gave life to one of the first covers when Goku_* * was young. For its part, it is expected that collaboration Eichiro ode will come to light, as seeing the world of Dragon Ball style One Piece** could be interesting.

In anime related news. In the last chapter of Spy X Family the arrival of a new character is confirmed, which has behaved in a strange way with the family Forger. Especially, this has a special connection with yor, if you want to know the name of him and other imports of importance, we invite you to click on the following link.

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