The animated series “Star Wars: a defective party” will return in the fall. In the meantime, the first trailer

Lucasfilm and Disney released the debut trailer for the continuation of the animated series “Star Wars: defective Party”, Spin-Off “Clon Wars” Dave Filoni.

Star Wars: Teaser Trailer
In the second season, a team of clones that did not subordinate to order 66 and left underground are waiting for new adventures: the emperor and young Vuki-Jedai showed the videos, apparently miraculously surviving Padavan (it is possible that it was his audience who saw in one of the episodes of the “wars clones “about youngling).

But the new series of “visions” will see the light later, and this time teams from different countries, from Japan to South Africa, will work on them.

The broadcast of “Star Wars: defective Party” will resume on Disney+ in the fall, and “visions”-in the spring of next year.

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