Stranger Things 4 reveals Hoppers return

After many years of waiting, Stranger Things has returned with a new season, this is a reason for celebration for all fans who were looking for an outcome to this story. And it was through his advances that the police return was confirmed Hopper, something that was somewhat illogical for his tragic final in the third season.

Attention! New season spoilers below

It is confirmed that Hopper simply fell to a lower platform during the explosion seen in the chapter. When things began to be launched, the Sheriff made the commercial decision to jump, force knocked out, but survived. Upon waking, he tried to climb the staircase back where he was. However, there were some Russian agents there to receive it.

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That is why we see it in the winter climate during the teasers. With this context, fans may not be so happy, since he had prepared enough conspiracy issues. Even one in which he went to the world of villains and managed to return with powers. But no, the only thing that happened was a simple jump to the bottom.

Here the official synopsis of Stranger Things Season 4:

Six months have passed since the battle of Starcourt, which brought terror and destruction to Hawkins. Fighting with the consequences, our group of friends separates for the first time. And navigating the complexities of high school has not done the easiest things. At this time so vulnerable, a new and horrible supernatural threat arises, which presents a frightening mystery that, if it is resolved, could finally end the horrors of the Upside Down.

Remember that this new season is now available on Netflix.

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